TK Elevator outfitted Qatar’s Lusail Stadium to transport the world’s largest football crowds


Doha, Qatar — As a global innovation leader in the elevator industry and trusted mobility supplier for the world’s most prestigious event facilities, TK Elevator was the sole supplier entrusted with outfitting Qatar’s landmark Lusail Stadium, which played host to the world’s most highly anticipated football event of the past four years. To ensure safety, efficiency, and smooth passenger rides for the tremendous crowds on match day and beyond, TK Elevator installed 45 elevators to accommodate the stadium’s maximum capacity of 80,000.

Renowned for their ultraluxe interior design options and heavy-duty performance, TK Elevator’s mobility solutions combine German precision engineering and stylish sophistication to bring the building’s premium ambiance into each elevator unit. Best suited to the design requirements of Lusail Stadium, TK Elevator’s MRL elevator adds extra flexibility to an all-round premium experience thanks to its minimal real estate requirements. Outstanding versatility and reliability have made TK Elevator the mobility brand of choice for a wide range of applications, ranging from high-capacity event facilities and transportation hubs to mid-rise buildings, shopping malls, and other commercial facilities across the globe.

Beyond the stadium, TK Elevator also ensured safe and efficient journeys for the hundreds of thousands of football fans who arrived in Qatar for the matches. From the minute they stepped onto the passenger boarding bridge at Qatar Hamad International Airport to the moment they emerged from the Doha Metro System through the escalators, TK Elevator mobility units delivered them seamlessly from one point to the next, bringing the city’s ultramodern outlook into focus.

“TK Elevator is thrilled to support Qatar in hosting 2022’s most anticipated global sports event. Sports matches have the power to cross borders and bring people together. TK Elevator’s mobility solutions are grounded in our unrivaled technical expertise and universal, customer-centric service approach to moving crowds safely and efficiently during these world-class events,” said Eduardo Montero, CEO Middle East of TK Elevator.

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