Construction Leader QNCC and Digital Transformation Expert KaarTech Join Forces to Rebuild Qatar’s Construction Industry!


Doha, Qatar — KaarTech’s first collaboration with QNCC began 6 years ago. This collaboration evolved into a defining Digital Transformation project in 2020, catalyzing QNCC’s shift from SAP ECC to Rise with SAP S/4HANA—a monumental leap toward global tech integration and operational excellence. This project represents not only the evolution of technology but also the embodiment of QNCC’s commitment to growth and innovation.

KaarTech boasts over 16 years of expertise in Digital Transformation, with 2000+ employees and several notable projects to their name. Soon, KaarTech aims to be a listed company, going beyond SAP with their IPs and Digital Portfolio. With multi-million-dollar deals, KaarTech aspires to build a lasting Institution and become a prominent player in the Digital Transformation Arena.

Essa Mohamed Ali Khaldari, the CEO of QNCC, looks no further than KaarTech as a perfect choice for their Digital Transformation journey.

The inception of Qatar National Cement Co traces back to its establishment through Emiri Decree No.07 in 1965, a move aimed at mass producing Ordinary Portland Cement at a scale capable of satisfying the burgeoning demand for cement within Qatar. Qatar National Cement Co stands as a prominent powerhouse in the production of key construction materials within the State of Qatar.

“Imbued with a futuristic vision, KaarTech is our clear choice. The timely meeting with Maran has not only affirmed, but also comforted our commitment to embrace KaarTech as the right Partner. Our journey together is one of seamless trust and shared aspirations for the decades to come.”

  • Essa Mohamed Ali Khaldari

The move to S/4HANA, an advanced ERP solution, along with SAP Success Factors, forms the bedrock of this transformation. Maran N, the CEO of KaarTech also has a positive outlook on this engagement with QNCC.

“KaarTech is immensely proud to be a pivotal contributor to Qatar National Cement Company’s remarkable digital transformation initiative. This visionary endeavour, spearheaded by Mr. Essa Khaldari, is steering QNCC towards becoming a fully digitalized organization, profoundly elevating customer experience, enhancing employee journey, and generating significant value for shareholders. Today, QNCC stands as a cornerstone among Qatar’s strategic assets. Reflecting on our six-year association, I eagerly anticipate the continuation of this journey and the possibilities it holds.”

  • Maran N

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