The 16th Edition of the International Apparel & Textile Fair Promises Impressive Expansion and a Strong Global Presence


The International Apparel & Textile Fair (IATF), UAE’s Exclusive B2B Fashion Sourcing Fair, is gearing up for its 16th edition, taking place on November 27-28-29, 2023. This highly anticipated fair has firmly established itself as a leading brand in the MENA region, highlighting an impressive lineup of textile, fabric, apparel, handbags, footwear, accessories, and prints from over 450 exhibitors representing 22+ countries. The event will be hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.

Over the past 15 successful editions, the International Apparel & Textile Fair has evolved as a testament to the relentless dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of its Show Director, Ms. Bhavna.
The International Apparel & Textile Fair is not just an industry event but a testament to the strength, vision, and leadership of women in the fashion world. Since its inception, this women-led business has been challenging the norms of the textile and apparel industry. With a team predominantly consisting of talented and accomplished women, the fair has shattered the glass ceiling and embraced gender diversity.

“Empowering women in the fashion and textile industry has been a cornerstone of our journey,” says Ms. Bhavna, The Show Director “We take pride in the fact that our team comprises a strong majority of talented and accomplished women who have contributed significantly to our growth and success over the years.”

The International Apparel & Textile Fair has witnessed remarkable expansion since its inception, with each edition surpassing the last in terms of scale and global participation. From its humble beginnings with just 50 exhibitors at inception, the International Apparel & Textile Fair has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving to host over 450 exhibitors from 22+ countries. This year, the fair is set to make history by occupying three expansive halls, this extraordinary growth is a testament to IATF’s enduring commitment to excellence and its role as a catalyst for change within the fashion and textile industry.

One of the highlights of this edition is the participation of pavilions from China, Egypt, and India, along with Exhibitors from other various countries like Portugal, Sri Lanka, Poland, France, Korea, Spain, Germany, Belarus, Turkey, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and others showcasing the diversity and richness of textile and fashion traditions from these nations. Visitors can expect a wide array of innovative designs, top-quality textiles and apparel, and cutting-edge fashion trends from these pavilions.

Moreover, the International Apparel & Textile Fair plays a pivotal role in uniting buyers from the MENA region, facilitating seamless trade and fostering international partnerships. Its impact on the growth of trading in the UAE and the simplification of sourcing within the MENA region is undeniable. The fair has emerged as a transformative platform, enriching business opportunities and enhancing the region’s global connectivity.

The 16th edition of the International Apparel & Textile Fair is a must-attend event for fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and businesses looking to source the best in textiles, fabrics, apparelaccessories and much more from across the globe. With its impressive growth, commitment to gender diversity, and the addition of international pavilions, this year’s fair promises to be an unforgettable experience for all.

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