Haier’s Odyssey in the Middle East and Africa: Forging a Global Brand through Localized Innovation.


QINGDAO, China — For Chinese companies, planning localization layout in the local market to quickly enter and nurture global markets is becoming an imperative topic in their new phase of international expansion for China’s smart manufacturing.

Recently, Ifeng.com’s premiere of “Chinese Brands Enhancing Life in the Middle East and Africa through Innovation” detailed Haier’s dynamic branding in these regions. It showcased the robust technological prowess behind the rise of Chinese intelligent manufacturing on the international stage, epitomized by Haier.

Localized Innovation: Crafting New Experiences for a Better Life. 
Considering the cultural and habit differences across countries and regions, it’s tough for global companies to market identical products everywhere. The documentary showcases Haier’s specific innovations for the Middle East and Africa. Using a three-fold approach of localized R&D, production, and marketing, Haier has opened up more possibilities for enhancing the lives of local consumers.

The documentary features Sara, an Egyptian mother of two, who chose Haier’s products to provide a comfortable environment for her children. She attests to the Haier air conditioner’s rapid cooling and energy-efficient performance, marking it as ideal for her family’s use. Today, innovative technology and product solutions tailored to local needs have made their way into millions of homes across the Middle East and Africa. For instance, facing the extreme high temperatures in Middle Eastern countries, Haier launched 55 degree full capacity, 68 degree non stop inverter AC. Addressing the prevalent issue of unstable power supply in most parts of Africa, Haier has introduced generator-compatible air conditioners, ensuring long-distance air delivery in large spaces even during power outages.

Focusing on consumer needs, Haier sets the standard for Chinese companies going global. For them, releasing a new product is just the start of continually striving to create enjoyable consumer experiences.

Technological Breakthroughs: Innovating for Health. 

Committed to enhancing user experience through technological innovation, Haier has devised cutting-edge solutions for blood and vaccine storage in the Middle East and Africa, safeguarding the health and well-being of the local communities.

Haier Biomedical has introduced a series of vaccine refrigerators powered by solar direct-drive cooling technology, addressing the critical challenges of vaccine storage safety due to the lack of electricity in Nigeria. A representative of Haier Biomedical stated, “Our innovative development of solar-powered vaccine refrigerators has ending two decades of foreign tech dominance, keep contents below 8°C for 120 hours in 43°C heat, surpassing the World Health Organization’s 72-hour standard for temperature control.”

In Nigeria, the safety of storing medical blood supplies faces significant challenges due to power deficiencies. Haier Biomedical’s innovative solar-powered blood storage solution effectively addresses this issue. This method reduces reliance on standard power and uses remote monitoring for easier, more secure management.

Globally, with the deepening advancement of localized innovation, Haier Biomedical’s life science and healthcare innovations continue to be implemented across various scenarios. Currently, Haier Biomedical products and solutions have been employed in over 140 countries and regions worldwide.

Global Brand Creation: Establishing a World-Renowned Brand with Global Leadership. 
By focusing on customer needs and fostering in-depth localized cultivation and collaborative innovation, Haier has seen consistent global growth. Now, Haier has operated in 200 countries, serving over a billion households around the world.

Adhering to the tripartite strategy of localized research, manufacturing, and marketing, Haier has accomplished a global network configuration with 35 industrial parks and 138 manufacturing centers. Relying on its 10+N innovative ecosystem, Haier efficiently meets the unique and varied demands of customers worldwide.

Transitioning from an outbound brand to establishing globally leading labels is an essential trajectory for the transformation and upgrade of Chinese brands. The future world will witness an increasing presence of Chinese brands continually innovating on the global stage, creating globally recognized identities with unique Chinese characteristics.

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