Bali to Hosts the World Youth Competition – Mister & Miss Teenager Universe 2023


Evtra Suksestama Internasional Ltd. soon will be holding a world youth competition, Mister & Miss Teenager Universe in Bali. This youth competition with the aim of promoting the impact of youth in the national development of each country which will be held at the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton ungasan Bali this year. In addition, it is hoped that this international competition will have a positive impact on the growth of the global tourism economy for each country.

This is not just a beauty contest, there are also a several of events that arranged by the committee involving several major entities in the world of tourism and big brand such as MS Glow Aesthetic clinic. About 30 countries confirmed to participate in the Mister & Miss Teenager universe Contest. During approximately 1 week in Bali, The contestants will take part in a number of official sessions including: International Diplomacy, Fashion Parade, Personality Interview, Cultural Night and other activities to further explore the beauty of Bali.

Rachel Wang, President of Mister & Miss Teenager Universe said that “Garuda wisnu Kencana is one of tourism destination that will be visited by more than 30 of the best teenagers from around the world. Various supports from several parties have been owned by this organization. In the press launch that was held on May 1, 2023 at the MY DREAM Bali resort, Ciputra University sent its representatives as a form of official support for the Mister – Miss Teenager universe. bachelor degree scholarships will be awarded to the top 3 winners of this international contest.

Rachel said that the jewel-encrusted crown design with cosmos flower carving detail also shown for the first time at the MMTU press launch event. The crown designed by Lenny Hartono. She was lined up to become the official designer who designed the crown for the winner for the first edition of the Miss Teenager universe. The cosmos flower was chosen as the icon of the miss teenager universe’s crown because this flower has a beautify philosophy and used in traditional ceremonies in Bali, also this fllower is the signature of Lenny Hartono’s brand.

“hopefully that later it can introduce the hosts country even more to the international world, and also help Bali’s economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic..” Rachel wang’s said.

On the press launch, the national director of Mister& Miss teenager universe Indonesia Mr. Saiful Bahri also announcing Abdiel Chrisye & Radyna as the representative for MMTU Indonesia.

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