Istanbul to Host Preeminent Home-Textile Trade Fair in May


Following a two-year hiatus, the 26th Home Textile and Accessories Fair (HOMETEX) is set to take place at the Istanbul Expo Center on May 17 – 21. As one of the most important trade fairs in home textile sector, the Expo is expected to draw leading home-textile producers around the world.

To be held with an exhibition area of 200,000 square meters in 11 halls of the Expo, HOMETEX will feature national and international prominent manufacturers of curtains, towels, blankets, carpets, upholstery fabrics, and other home-textile products this year. Mr. İbrahim Burkay, the President of Bursa CCI, says: “We invite all home-textile manufacturers to attend the event, which represents one of the most significant expositions of the sector.”

Ideal Networking Venue
The expo will showcase textile products from numerous countries, including Turkey, France, Italy, India, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Spain and the US. According to Mr. Burkay means, the highly-anticipated event is the perfect opportunity to forge new ties and promote the sectoral development in international level. Besides, HOMETEX is an ideal venue for networking where both national and international movers & shakers will converge in upon Home Textile Sector.

Bringing together for the most part of the supply chain, the fair boasts a diverse range of participant profiles, including exporters, wholesalers, retail store owners, and suppliers. The event will also feature a dedicated “Trend Area” where all the latest home-textile trends will be showcased, B2Bs and seminars attended by prominent designers and innovators.

‘Stronger and More Inclusive’
According to Mr. Hasan Huseyin Bayram, president of the Turkish Home-Textile Industrialists and Business People Association (TETSIAD), the event will be the first major sectoral trade fair in the post-pandemic period. “Global industry leaders’ve expressed their eagerness to take part,” he says.

Mr. Bayram states that HOMETEX, to be held under the motto “Stronger and More Inclusive,” would have profound implications for the home-textile sector globally and foster lucrative economic ties between participants.

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