With the Launch of Three New Models, Chery Shows Its Confidence in Expanding the UAE Market


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Since its appearance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Chery has attracted increasing market attention, becoming one of the most popular vehicle brands. In the face of always-high market enthusiasm and a friendly and harmonious business environment, Chery is going to launch three new models including TIGGO 7 PRO MAX, TIGGO 8 PRO MAX, and TIGGO 8 PRO PHEV, so as to meet the demands of users in the UAE. As a result of this launch, Chery also proves its commitment to the UAE market and its full confidence in the development of the region.

Chery, founded in 1997, is a diversified group with 300+ subsidiaries and CNY 200B annual revenue. Its 7 core businesses include autos, parts, services, finance, networks, shipping, and real estate, covering the entire industrial chain.

Chery’s “Establishing the Enterprise Based on Technology” development concept has led to 5 global R&D centers with over 7,000 staff and 14,000 patents, overtaking century-old brands. With over 20 independently developed engines, including 9 that won “China Best Ten Engines,” and mastery of all transmission series, Chery is a leading innovator. Breakthroughs in NEV technology, lightweight auto body, intelligent network, and autonomous driving highlight Chery’s success.

Chery leads the Chinese automobile industry in global exports, with 10 overseas manufacturing bases and 1500 service outlets in over 80 countries. Its products have won the favor of 2.35 million users, making it the top Chinese passenger vehicle exporter for 20 years. Chery leads the industry in some market segments in Brazil, Russia, Peru, Chile and other places, and is the fastest-growing vehicle brand in the Middle East.

Chery values the UAE market as it aims to become a global auto brand. The UAE is a wealthy OPEC member and a hub for luxury car brands. By entering the UAE market, Chery competes with top luxury brands and gains global influence, which is crucial for its global expansion.
Chery launched three new models highlighting their focus on the UAE market. TIGGO 8 PRO MXA has a Kunpeng 2.0 TGDI engine offering maximum power of 187kW and peak torque of 390N·m. TIGGO 8 PRO MAX is the flagship model featuring a full-scene intelligent 4WD system with 6 driving modes, expanding the travel radius and providing an excellent traveling experience.

Chery’s TIGGO 8 PRO PHEV is a hybrid SUV with 3 power sources, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 driving conditions, offering a money-saving travel experience.

TIGGO 7 PRO MAX is a smart SUV for urban areas with a sporty and tech-savvy design, featuring a diamond-shaped grille and dual 12.3-inch screens. It has a powerful 1.6 TGDI+7DCT engine and 13 intelligent driving aids, including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, and blind spot detection. The vehicle also includes an offline voice package that covers all small languages in the UAE.

Chery meets local needs in the UAE by offering intelligent configurations and customized features like seat ventilation and robe anti-pinch function for Arabic clothing, providing a better driving experience.

The launch of three new models marks the full implementation of Chery’s plans to expand into the UAE market. In the future, Chery will launch more blockbusting models to bring unique travel experiences to local consumers and promote the comprehensive acceleration of Chery’s “Greater Middle East” strategy in the UAE and even in the entire Middle East region.

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