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Wingie LogiConnect Users Pay up to 36% Less on Airline Tickets


One of the sectors most affected by pandemic was the air travel industry. Although data from IATA shows that international passenger demand in 2021 was 75% below the demand of 2019, the industry expects 2022 to be a year of strong recovery. According to Wingie Commercial Director Orkun Özkan: “The global consultancy companies indicate that pandemic related anxieties towards flying have reduced. Consumers expect airlines and booking platforms to offer flexible options that allow easier cancellations and changes. With our LogiConnect product, we provide passengers the chance to create their own routes, buy fast, safe and affordable flight tickets to anywhere in the world.”

“LogiConnect” against Omicron restrictions

Orkun Özkan pointed to LogiConnect options to ensure customers will be less affected by travel bans, and said: “Harnessing the power of big data, we developed LogiConnect technology, which helps list the transfer options that airlines do not offer, in just a few seconds. Moreover, travel bans that have recently been implemented unexpectedly are eliminated from the connecting flights listed by LogiConnect, which scans more than 100 airlines. Accordingly, small destinations with few flights also become accessible,” he added “The data of the past three months shows that the most traveled places with LogiConnect are Abha, Tabuk, Dammam and Entebbe respectively.”

“Intelligent transfer provides speed, cost and flexibility”

LogiConnect understands that passengers want more flexibility in all aspects of their trip such as destination, price, comfort and cancellation, Orkun Özkan said, “Even the data collected by for the past three months alone reveals striking results regarding the interest of users. LogiConnect users pay an average of 36% less with a smart solution.”

“The most popular destinations are Saudi Arabia and Turkey”

Stating that LogiConnect options are mostly used by passengers in MENA, Özkan specified that: “Saudi Arabia is among the countries to which LogiConnect users travel the most with a rate of 40.2%. It was followed by Turkey (8.6%), India (5.9%) and UAE (5.1%). Due to travel restrictions in the Middle East, flights to the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh stood out among LogiConnect options.”

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