What is Financial Freedom? How to Achieve It?


By Queen Sandi — Tor With the Universe

Series : IN Your Face …… Change

For me, life is simple it’s about being healthy happy and financially secure, having the freedom both financially and emotionally to live life on my terms. What about you?

In my 25 years as a financial counselor, people have said to me ‘money is not the key to ‘happiness’ I reply ‘if you have enough money, you can have a key made’!

Financial Freedom is a choice! Choose Financial freedom and gift yourself a wonderful life!

Lets be honest How many of you are taking important financial decisions that will effect your well being?

How many of you are just aware of what is happening?

Financial Planning, What? Work, targets, entertaining, traveling, kids, extracurricular activities these are urgent, financial planning I’m told has to compete with these.

It can be difficult to know where to start, not fully understanding financial products and seeking advice could be intimidating although not fully understanding the workings of the internal combustion engine doesn’t put us off buying cars! ‘Shopping’ for financial products involves time and hardly gives the instant gratification of retail therapy, botox, fillers, body contouring or a trip to an exotic destination!

Constantly bombard with images of youth and beauty, when it comes down to it, Saving, Investments, Life Insurance just aren’t sexy enough. Far from promising eternal youth and restructured beautification Financial Planning force you to confront the fact that you are going to get old, maybe sick and or be poor and dependent on someone.

Money is a tool, the means to give you the lifestyle you want – clothes, jewelry, accessories the beatification and maintenance of your personal appearance, entertainment, travel, property, whatever. Step outside my “I’m O.K., it will never happen to me” comfort zone, Take Responsibility Plan YOUR financial independence, take action.

Don’t confuse financial independence with financial security!
Covid gave us a reality check. Retrictions meant close of businesses, redudancy, money lost! A monthly salary in your bank account, commissions, sponsorships or worse still an allowance/supplemnatay credit card from your spouse/partner alone, could not render you capable of meeting all of your financial goals. It is how you plan and manage your finances which will result in fruition of objectives later in life.

We are the women of the millennium trying to do it all and have it all. But how do we become financial independent or savvy when the kids are screaming, our husbands are demanding and our business associates are making us crazy?

Here are some irrefutable facts

• Majority of women will spend almost 1/3 of their adult lives on their own financially.
• Women enter times of transition when they marry, become mothers, widows, get divorced, start working and retire.
• Women seem to have less time than men to manage their financial resources
• Women live longer than men by an average of seven years
• 50% of all women older than 65 are widows. Widows frequently suffer sharp drop in their standard of living.
• A large number of first marriages end in divorce, subsequent marriages also end in divorce.
• A woman’s standard of living declines as much as 45% after a divorce
• It is never too late to consider that a marriage will terminate and to plan for that termination.
• Women are often responsible for the care of an elderly parent, both financially and psychologically.
• Women typically earn less and spend less time in the work force.
• Lower earnings may result in lower pensions in retirement

It is difficult during a time of financial and emotional transition to think and plan. Clearly there is a great deal at stake for women…single or married, of all ages, incomes and ethnic backgrounds.

However women can overcome these “barriers’ and learn how to build their Financial Security. This is the time women need to be at their most astute, financially.

Most of us live – and think – as if the world were static, or as if it should be. As individuals, as women, and as members or leaders of organizations, too often the way we act, plan, and react betrays the assumption that tomorrow will be much like today, that we’ll slide by all right if we just get a little better, a little smarter, at doing what we are already doing.

However reality is a lot different.

Many women are not completely at ease or fully in charge of their money

Nothing brings out emotion like the topic of money.

Culture, and religion play a role and women often use this as an excuse for not taking financial responsibility. It is easier to find excuses or blame someone or something else.

Here are common misconceptions that women use as excuses for not taking personal financial responsibility.

• Finance is too complicated to understand

• If I take a risk in business or investment I will lose everything

• I don’t have the money to save

• I don’t have the time to manage my money

• It is selfish to put yourself first

• Someone else should be taking care of this for me

• If I take control of my money I might offend others

FOCUS ON YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY Take charge of your finances It will raise your morale You will stop feeling helpless…….. It’s really that simple

Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale. ~Zig Ziglar

Watch this space for pointers on 1- How to negotiate, 2- The importance of legal agreements to protect you. 3 Read the fine Print. 4 You are stupid if you don’t ask questions. How to look like a ‘million dollars’ on a budget. Sustainable fashion, Redesign Recycle Reuse Health Wellness Yummy in the tummy and much more!

Multiple International awardee for Women Empowerment, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Sandi Saksena is a Queen, Femtor, Facilitator, Negotiator and personal finance influencer.  A well - known personality in the media for her contributions on personal financial matters and leadership she is regularly featured in various international publications and international platforms as a speaker/host/moderator.

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