Unveiling ‘Urban Tapestry’: Funun Arts Group’s Spectacular New Year Exhibition


Funun Arts Group welcomed the new year 2024 with the beautiful exhibition titled “Urban Tapestry “at the Artist Playground, Pullman Hotel DCC, featured a dazzling display of thirty captivating pieces by eighteen exceptionally skilled artists.

This event served as a tribute to the allure and intricacies of urban life, with each artwork presenting a distinctive perspective on the essence of city living. Ranging from vibrant street scenes to abstract interpretations of soaring skyscrapers, the collection showcased the diversity and vibrancy inherent in urban culture. Visitors were particularly captivated by the meticulous details embedded in the artworks, unveiling hidden layers of significance upon closer examination. The exhibition garnered immense success, attracting both art enthusiasts and inquisitive observers.

The opening of the exhibition was done by esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Qader AlRais, and Mrs. Sultana Farooq Kazim along with Guests of Honor, Mr. Faisal Abdul Qader, Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi, Mr. Mohammed Ali, Ms. Nada AlBarazi, and Ms. Sandy Saxena along with many other distinguished guests, who all added immeasurable value to the event.

The incredible participating artists who showcased their creativity were:

Abid Alam, Ahmed Al Awadhi, Amr Wadea, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Anubha Kaw, Dr. Anum Ali, Dr. Poonam Chauhan, Edcel Cabalan, Farah Khan, Heena Mamtani, Juveria Mohiuddin, Mukta Choubisa, Pari Sagar, Rafah Abdulrazzak, Ram Awasthi, Rooma Eejaz, Safa Peshimam, and Yuvika Garg.

Shiba Khan, Founder and director of Funun Arts Group said:” “Urban Tapestry” is an art exhibition that focuses on showcasing works inspired by urban environments, often exploring the complexities and beauty found within city landscapes. This type of exhibition typically features a variety of mediums including paintings, photographs, sculptures, mixed media installations, and more, all capturing different aspects of urban life. The term “tapestry” suggests an intricate weaving together of various elements, mirroring the diverse and interconnected nature of urban settings.

Artists participating in such exhibitions depict cityscapes, street scenes, architectural details, cultural diversity, social issues, or the juxtaposition of nature and urban development. The theme of each of our exhibitions is decided with a lot of consideration and lot of research is involved in it, as our objective is not only showcasing the artworks, but also to educate through them.

Farah Khan, Creative designer, and co-founder of Funun Arts Group said:” This exhibition provided artists with a platform to share their perspectives on urban environments and invite viewers to contemplate the complexities and beauty of city living. They also serve as a reminder of the significance of urban spaces as both cultural hubs and sites of human interaction and creativity. Themes explored in “Urban Tapestry” exhibitions include City Life, Cultural Diversity,

Architecture and Infrastructure, Social Commentary and Exploring the unique structures and landmarks that define cityscapes.

Ms. Nada Al Barazi, Pioner artist and special guest expressed her views,” It was such a delight to be able to experience the wonders of Urban Tapestry by Funun arts group and being able to see all the beautiful art works of the dynamic and delightful artists, listen to hear the perspective behind each artwork. Their experiences and their muses behind the art were an enlightening experience.

Rooma Eejaj, an artist from Pakistan said:” I, as an artist believe that any art exhibition is successful because of few factors, one of the important ones is the theme of an exhibition. Urban Tapestry is a beautiful theme, and it gives full freedom to explore the creativity and imagination to put it on the canvas. I am glad to be part of this event and looking forward to more such platforms by Funun Arts Group.

Amr Wadea, an Egyptian artist, and an architect, showcasing his artwork conducted a masterclass and shared his experience and perspective on how art helps him in his profession. He demonstrated different techniques and key points while working on the theme Urban Tapestry

Anubha Kaw, artist who showcased her nostalgic emotions through her silk painting. The streets of Kashmir, which is the hometown of the artist, can be well experienced in her painting. She described it by saying:” This intricate composition is what we refer to as “urban fabric.” Just as a fabric is composed of various threads intricately woven together, a city’s urban fabric is a tapestry woven from the physical, spatial, and social elements that give a city its distinct personality, which can be seen in my painting.”

Khan Sisters said,” The success of any event, any company is based on the good and hard-working team and supporters. We are very lucky to have this in our court. We would really thank all our team, media, and supporters for believing in us and keeping us motivated to go ahead. They also said: “everything had its own power. Our core power is our artists, and we are thankful to all the art community for believing in us, and we promise to keep working in the best possible way for the whole community.

We invite everyone to view this remarkable exhibition, which will be on display until the end of February 2024. Please take a moment to visit the Artist Playgroup at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre and immerse yourself in the creative expressions of these talented individuals.

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