UAE’s top women scholars Celebrated “Happy Empowerment Day & awareness month”


“There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing.” -Swami Vivekananda

Empowerment is how the powerless people can change their circumstances and begin to have control over their lives. It results in a change in the balance of power, in the living conditions, and the relationships. Women empowerment may mean equal status to women, opportunity, and freedom to develop themselves. It refers to the process of change that gives individuals greater freedom of choice and action.

Recently a group of leaders UAE’s top women met to discuss activities that provide exposure, development and mentorship for Arab women, in order to empower them at all levels and help them to excel as leaders in their workplaces and communities. It was a gathering after the pandemic where they expressed the issues faced by women entrepreneurs from all walk of life. The meeting was chaired the well-known awarded Most Fashionable public figure of UAE, Rita Nicolas. Founder and CEO of Designers Collective Institute, founder of Designers Magazine and club of women empowerment and leaders in business.

The meeting was addressed by Sylvie E. Touma, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Head of Scholarships at the American university in Dubai. She is the Co- Founder of the club women empowerment and leaders in business.

The members also Celebrated “Happy Empowerment Day & awareness month” small gathering by cutting cake.

Prominent faces expressed their views and suggestions including Caroline Chadarevian (HR Consultant, trainer and lecturer), Dr Amal Al Ali (Assistant professor, Director of the Alumni office, University of Sharjah and Founder and managing director of Cardiff Management Consultants and international creative industries club), Hiba Trad (Public Relation and Media Consultant, Event Manager at Ministry of Education), Manal Alami (Quality Assurance inspector at the Ministry of Education) and Dr. Shams Abdullah Alamro (Judge at United Nations).

“Our mission is to empower women with tools to develop their natural abilities to their fullest potential, equip them with knowledge to learn, grow and get better, stronger, smarter and more beneficial to their communities.” says Dr. Shams Abdullah Alamro.

And as Rita said “Where there is unity there is always victory”
The next meeting will decide the next plan of action.

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