UAE’s Falcon 40B, World’s Top-Ranked AI Model from Technology Innovation Institute is Now Royalty-free


Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates — The Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Falcon 40B, the UAE’s leading large-scale open-source AI model, is now free of royalties for commercial and research use, in response to global demand for inclusive access to AI.

Ranked #1 globally on Hugging Face’s leaderboard for large language models (LLMs), Falcon 40B outperforms competitors like Meta’s LLaMA and Stability AI’s StableLM. Under the permissive Apache 2.0 software license, Falcon 40B end-users have access to any patent covered by the software in question. Apache 2.0 ensures the security and availability of safe and powerful open-source software and establishes an effective governance model.

TII’s unrestricted access to Falcon 40B highlights its dedication to technological innovation and knowledge-sharing, fostering a collaborative ecosystem and strengthening the UAE’s position as a global AI leader. In addition, it reflects the UAE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries in shaping a future where AI plays a pivotal role in driving positive change.

Open-source, royalty-free deployment of Falcon 40B could empower public and private sector entities with efficiencies such as faster project starts, faster iterations, more flexible software development processes, robust community-driven support, and easier license management.

TII aims to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among developers, researchers, and businesses globally. The move promotes transparency, inclusivity, and accelerated progress in AI for the world, unlocking diverse opportunities for its applications across industries and sectors.

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Director, AI Cross-Center Unit at TII, said: “Waiving Falcon 40B royalties promotes inclusive tech advancements for a cohesive society. We’re committed to using technology to unify humanity and future-proof our world.”

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