The Newest Member Of Poly’s Sync Family Offers A Reliable, Affordable Solution Without Compromise For The Hybrid Worker


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Poly (NYSE: POLY), has announced the addition of Sync 10 to its Sync family of speakerphones. Designed for the new way of working, the right communications tools keep workers connected and productive at home or in the office.
The highly anticipated return to “normalcy” doesn’t mean going back to our old habits. Hybrid working is here to stay, and the new year brings irreversible changes in the way we perceive – and do – work.

The disruption caused by the global pandemic has forced businesses to enable remote work and tested employees’ ability to embrace new forms of engagement and interaction. The power to drive sustainable, collaborative change will be shared by employers and employees, on an increasingly equal footing. Businesses looking to navigate the year ahead will need to understand and embrace this fundamental shift to successfully balance technology and transformation.

For many home workers, support from IT is a long way away. They are using new tools, learning new ways of working, and need to ensure they have equality in meetings when everyone else is gathered in a meeting room in the office.

The ideal technology for home working that delivers this has three attributes:
o Let’s you hear and be heard
o It is simple and easy to use
o Matches your workstyle

Poly’s new Sync 10 delivers on all these challenges.
Clear audio delivers enterprise-grade acoustics in a compact design, turning your home workspace into an impromptu conference room. A two-microphone steerable array works in the background to ensure conversations focus on your voice and not the background noise. Audio is further enhanced with full-duplex audio for simultaneous conversation flow to ensure you don’t miss a word.

It’s user-friendly: Easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls, clear LED indicators, and a clear, bright call status light bar. It is also IP64 dust and waterproof.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom Certified

The Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone has a steerable two-microphone array that keeps surrounding noise out of your call. It works with all major communication and collaboration applications and is certified by Microsoft and Zoom so you know it will just work when plugged in. It’s USB powered so you have no concerns about battery life.

Supported by Poly Lens

The Sync 10 has a Hi-Fi quality music speaker and power amplifier — so it also doubles as a portable speakerphone and high-performance music speaker in one. The Sync 10 is also ready for any future technology updates as it comes with USB-A and USB-C connectors and can be updated with new software via the Poly Lens Companion app. And if you feel the urge to get into the office, the Sync 10 is small and light enough to fit into your bag when you need to travel.
The Sync 10 is an ideal product for individual home workers looking to enhance how they work at home. For IT departments it’s also a great complement to the existing Poly Sync family and provides more choices for devices optimized for different workspaces with a consistent interface across all devices.
Pricing & Availability
More information on pricing and availability is available on the Poly website: Sync 10.

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