The First Ever Women’s Health Conference by Impact Events & Media on Women’s Day


Impact Events & Media, led by founder Nousheen Mukhtar, celebrated Women’s International Day by organizing the first-ever Women’s Health Conference in the UAE. The conference aimed to raise awareness about health and wellness among women entrepreneurs and business owners, featuring the best doctors and health practitioners in the region.

The Importance of Women’s Health
In terms of health women have been largely ignored for a long time. Studies show that when women are healthier society gets a boost. Women who are healthier and their children can contribute to more productive and more educated societies. Women have a variety of unique health issues throughout their lives that can impact the overall condition of their health as well as well-being. It is therefore essential to develop an online platform that addresses problems faced by women and increases awareness regarding the health concerns of women.

The First-Ever Women’s Health Conference
The Women’s Health Conference organized by Impact Events & Media, under the banner of Stylfemina, a brain child of dynamic entrepreneur Nousheen Mukhtar brought together some of the best doctors and health practitioners in the UAE to share their knowledge and expertise on various health issues that women face.

The conference was a success, with participants from diverse backgrounds, including leading business owners, entrepreneurs, and women in general. The event featured two forums where doctors specializing in gastroenterology, dermatology, aesthetics, general health, and wellness coaches took the stage to educate women on staying well and combating diseases.

The conference highlighted the importance of preventive healthcare, focusing on both mental and physical health for holistic wellness. Many prominent healthcare practitioners spoke at the event, including Dr. Munmun Dutta, Dr. Prithvi Priyadarshini, Dr. Vrishali Rohankar, Dr. Shivani Sharma, Dr. Radha Patil, Dr. Rashmi Nandkishore, and Dietician Mitun De Sarkar, among others. The doctors and health practitioners were awarded by Stylfemina for their commendable services for humanity.

Topics Covered at the Conference
The conference covered a wide range of topics related to women’s health, including gut health, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, skincare routines, lifestyle practices, and women’s wellness. The conference brought forward many questions related to health problems related to gut health, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, skincare routine, lifestyle practices, and women’s wellness.

Dr. Prithvi Priyadarshini educated women in a powerful presentation about gut health and weight gain myths. The conference featured discussions on the latest trends and advancements in health and wellness, as well as addressing common misconceptions and myths.

Motivational Speeches
The event also featured motivational speeches by renowned healthcare professionals and women empowerment advocates. Dr. Naznen Maymoun, the Head of Technical Projects Department in the Preventive Medicine Sharjah, and Mrs. Maryam Saif AlZaabi, a member of the UAE Federal National Council 2019, graced the occasion with their presence and delivered inspiring speeches.
Sandi Saksena, an award-winning women empowerment advocate and an icon of wellness, also motivated women to lead their best life through connecting with their inner core. The conference was a platform for women to learn and connect with like-minded individuals who share similar health concerns.

The Role of Stylfemina
Stylfemina, a business magazine, proved to be a great platform for women in the UAE with empowering events and inspiring content. The magazine is growing a strong community of motivated and driven women in the region, offering an empowering space for women to share their stories and experiences.

The conference was a testament to Impact Events & Media’s commitment to empowering women and promoting health and wellness in the region. The event was a huge success, with positive feedback from participants, speakers, and organizers alike.

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