The “2023 Exploring WEB3.0 Summit – Vietnam Station,” Hosted by SureX, Concludes with Resounding Success


The “2023 Exploring WEB3.0 Summit – Vietnam Station,” hosted by SureX at the CHAMPA ISLAND NHA TRANG–RESORT HOTEL & SPA in Vietnam, has drawn to a triumphant and resplendent conclusion.

The summit, focused on cutting-edge technological concepts such as Web3.0 and DAO, assembled nearly 1000 global influencers including crypto teams, expert scholars, academic institutions, investment research bodies, corporate executives, crypto investment enthusiasts, practitioners, and other Web3.0 builders.

The summit officially commenced on July 28th, 2023. In the keynote address, “Unveiling the Path to Success, Charting the Journey to the Future,” SureX Exchange’s CMO, Dato’ Seri Willie, provided an in-depth explanation of how the exchange successfully activated over one hundred thousand global users within a mere six-month span. He also displayed a distribution map of SureX global operational offices and outlined the structure of the user community.

The roundtable discussion unfolded around two main topics: “In the current state of Web3’s development, how does one identify investment opportunities?” and “Imagining the Future of Web3.” Participants in this intriguing conversation included Dr. Huang Lianjin, CEO of, One Alpha’s Business Supervisor Mr. Declan Rhys Sidey, SureX CEO and Founder Jacky Zhou, SureX Marketing Director Dato’ Seri Willie, and GateFi’s Technical Director Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Jacky presented a series of views, emphasizing the need to focus on market trends and community feedback, as well as assess technological advantages and application potentials. He noted that decentralized exchanges would emerge as a trend, with Web3.0’s decentralized and cross-chain features offering convenience and security for cross-border transactions and trades among multiple tokens, that SureX Exchange would orchestrate an encrypted financial ecosystem to propel inclusive financial growth.

Dato’Seri Willie, the CMO of SureX Exchange, excitedly announced a new benefit policy at the event, SureX will collaborate with a global community of several hundred thousand people to airdrop Dragon Token to all users within the SureX community.

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