Tanzania’s Pivotal Role in Regional Transmission Expansion: Spotlight on the Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit 2024 within the East African Community (EAC)


Investors spanning diverse sectors, finance, and government are gathering to spotlight Tanzania’s immense potential. The country currently holds the third position in sub-Saharan Africa for prospective investments, with a projected 6% GDP growth by 2025. Over recent years, Tanzania has attracted substantial investments, reaching hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. These investments have been directed towards infrastructure, hydropower, LNG, and solar projects.

KPMG ranks Tanzania only behind South Africa and Nigeria, solidifying its standing in trade and investment. The strategic location to the east of the continent, abundant natural resources, and a recent surge in investments, particularly in the power sector, contribute to its appeal. Notable projects, such as a pioneering 50MW solar power plant, a $300 million hydropower investment, a $42 billion LNG initiative by Shell, Equinor, and Exxon Mobil, and nearly $7 billion in infrastructure, affirm Tanzania’s attractiveness on both the African and global stages.

Organized by EnergyNet, TECS24 aims not only to showcase these success stories but also to explore upcoming trade and generation projects that are set to transform Tanzania and the region. The summit will address challenges related to financing and guarantees, ensuring that the momentum in Tanzania’s power sector continues to grow.

The event will bring together major investors, national ministers from Tanzania, Malawi, and Ethiopia, heads of national utilities, and speakers from prominent organizations. Discussions will encompass Tanzania’s economic outlook, energy development potential, the establishment of a regional power market, public-private partnerships in transmission projects, governance and regulations, and the crucial role of renewables.

The summit, hosted in Arusha, emphasizes Tanzania’s role as a regional energy enabler. Attendees will collaborate on building better regional interconnections, more robust frameworks for trade and investment, and formulate a roadmap for regional energy access.

Simon Gosling, Managing Director of EnergyNet, expressed excitement about showcasing Tanzania’s growth and ensuring the continuity of opportunities and momentum. The summit’s location in Arusha provides the ideal setting for in-depth discussions on the sector’s most pressing topics.

Obbie Banda from the African Trade & Investment Development Insurance (ATIDI) highlighted their commitment to supporting Tanzania’s energy sector goals, with TECS24 expected to provide greater clarity on the private sector’s role and the support needed from institutions like ATIDI.

Aleem Tharani, Co-Head for Infrastructure Sector Group (Africa) at Bowmans, emphasized the summit’s pivotal role in shaping Africa’s energy sector. By uniting investors, government entities, and industry specialists, the summit fosters essential dialogues for advancing Tanzania’s energy roadmap, prioritizing gas and renewables, and enhancing regional transmission. Bowmans proudly sponsors the summit, recognizing its significance in shaping Africa’s energy future and strengthening public-private partnerships.

About EnergyNet:

ENABLING ENERGY INVESTMENTS IN RAPIDLY EXPANDING ECONOMIES – Over the past 25 years, EnergyNet has orchestrated investment forums and executive dialogues for the power sectors of Africa and Latin America, spanning Europe, the USA, Asia, and across both regions.

Collaborating with governments and national utilities, we organize investment summits that serve as platforms for credible international investors to establish connections with public sector stakeholders, thereby advancing access to power.

Renowned for the Africa Energy Forum, the longest-serving business development meeting for senior-level decision-makers in Africa’s power sector, our leading investment summits provide strategic insights into the investment landscape and project preparation. Events such as the Tanzania Energy Cooperation Summit, H2 Africa, Offshore Technology Africa, Powering Africa Summit, Latin American Energy Forum, and Latin American & Caribbean Gas Conference and Exhibition are part of our portfolio. Additionally, the YES! Youth Energy Summit and YES! Youth Energy Day focus on creating platforms and networks to enhance the skills, connections, and business readiness of a new generation of African energy leaders.

Our emphasis on fostering public and private sector partnerships gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to offer independent insights and support the business development activities of companies worldwide operating in these rapidly growing markets. Engaging with stakeholders daily across Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, we are passionate about cultivating relationships and providing valuable investor insights that drive our business.

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