Successful Conclusion of E-Franchise Days Ushers in Promising Era of Franchise Growth in the MENA Region


E-Franchise Days 2023, the unique online B2B event that brought together franchise brands and investors, successfully concluded last week, marking a significant milestone for the franchising industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, as discovering new business opportunities through productive one-on-one online meetings was of primar focus.

During the first week of October, E-Franchise Days was host to a mixed array of new and established brands, visionary investors and franchisees, fostering collaboration and growth in dynamic markets such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt. More than 50 meetings were conducted between brands and investors. Brands were featured across the ecosystem including The Franchise Talk and its Brands Directory.

The event’s purpose-built meeting platform, the Franchise Business Hub, offered a holistic approach to franchise exploration and business growth, catering to both prospective franchisees and brand owners seeking expansion in MENA. It acted as a gateway to discover region-specific franchise opportunities, empowering participants to make informed decisions.

Ms. Ozge Cabral, Director – Franchises & Brands Division for F&B Brand; Châteraisé Premium Yatsudoki, stated: “The Franchise Business Hub, offered a seamless experience for showcasing our brand’s concept and our products without the need to provide samples. The pre-scheduled meetings with the investors were not only convenient but also engaging and productive”.

With the successful conclusion of its first edition, E-Franchise Days has set a precedent for virtual franchise events, opening doors to new possibilities and facilitating franchise growth in MENA.

Investor; Mr. Hany Haneef, CEO of ABC Holding Limited stated: “Such an exceptional experience at the E-Franchise Supplier Meeting! Insightful sessions, seamless networking, and valuable connections. A must-attend for anyone in the industry. Truly impressed and inspired!”

Introducing the E-Franchise Market: A Year-Round Global Franchise Marketplace

During the two-day event, the E-Franchise Market officially launched as an online marketplace designed to connect franchisors with franchisees worldwide and will be open year-round. This innovative platform extends the opportunities presented during the event, allowing franchisors to showcase their brands and offerings, and allows franchisees to explore, connect, and embark on franchise journeys at their own convenience.

The E-Franchise Market brings an unprecedented level of accessibility, making the franchising process more convenient and efficient. With this platform, the spirit of collaboration and growth
initiated at E-Franchise Days continues beyond the event, enabling franchisors and franchisees to explore opportunities on a global scale.

Mr. Ammar Hanifa, Managing Partner of F&B Brand; Chick’nCone, stated: “The ease of use and the ability to connect with people from all corners of the globe have truly transformed the way to connect. Our experience can be summed up as bringing the world closer, effortlessly, on a single platform.”

E-Franchise Days and its ecosystem of brands including The Franchise Talk, Tuesday Webinars and E-Franchise Market are organized and managed by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding.

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