SHEROES: A Celebration of Women’s Resilience and Empowerment


In a remarkable collaboration honoring the indomitable spirit of women, Funun Arts Group and Khaleej Times proudly announce the successful conclusion of ‘Sheroes,’ a three-day extravaganza held at the prestigious Khaleej Times headquarters. This event, commemorating International Women’s Day, brought together a diverse array of talents, voices, and perspectives to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women across the globe.

From 4th. March to 6th. March, ‘Sheroes’ captivated audiences with its multifaceted approach to honoring women. The event was meticulously crafted to offer attendees an immersive experience, blending art, dialogue, and collaboration to highlight the multifaceted nature of womanhood.

The event commenced with an awe-inspiring Art Exhibition featuring works by Alina Babenko, Anupa Bhambhaney, Arti Bhatia, Dr. Poonam Chauhan, Farah Khan, Kadambini Choubey, Kavita Sriram, Lama Lahham, Mankush Srivastava, Monia Sahraoui, Pari Sagar, Rafah Abdul Razzak, Rooma Ijaz, Roudaina Fardon, Sadie Sulaiman, Shiba Khan, Sibel Yavuz, Sumedha Randev Goel, Suva Mishra, Wala Mohamed Pasha and Zairi Kahina. 21 artists from 14 different nationalities. Each artwork served as a testament to the diverse roles, experiences, and strengths of women. From thought-provoking portraits to abstract expressions of resilience, the exhibition provided a platform for artists to convey their interpretations of womanhood.

Attendees were invited to explore the intricate narratives woven into each piece, sparking conversations about identity, empowerment, and the pursuit of equality. The Art Exhibition served as a visual ode to the myriad ways in which women shape our world and inspire positive change.

Following the Art Exhibition, ‘Sheroes’ continued with a series of engaging Panel Talks featuring 12 influential women leaders from various fields. The panelists, hailing from diverse backgrounds including art, business, activism, and academia, shared their insights, experiences, and visions for a more inclusive future.

The strong panelists were:

Shiba khan: artist, curator, art activist, designer, & founder – director Funun Arts Group, Harjyot Oberoi Bohra: Head of Marketing Brand & Communication, Khaleej Times, Alia Zaghloul: Head of People and Culture at Galadari Brothers/Media House, Mari Koval: Art Dealer and Venture Architect, Desiree O Vlekken: Founder & CEO of 4get-me not, Sameera Fernandes: Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Century Financial, Marjam Farjan : Curator and Art Advisor, Tanya Ashraf : Founder and Creative Director of Roxx, Maya Samawi: Director of Ayyam Gallery, Kusum Dutta: Philanthropist, Bhumika Maniyar: Founder, Sustainability Lead for The Green Revolution, Majid Nasreddin: Artist & Art Educator. Beside this Sultana Farooq Kazim, an artist and Designer and Sonakshi, raced the event with her presence and shared her insight.

Led by Shiba Khan, founder-director of Funun Arts Group, and Harjyot Oberoi, Head of Marketing Brand & Communication at Khaleej Times, the discussions delved into pressing issues such as equity, collaboration, diversity, inspiration and inclusion. Panelists such as Alia Zaghloul, Head of People and Culture at Galadari Brothers/Media House, and Mari Koval, Art Dealer and Venture Architect, offered invaluable perspectives on the importance of fostering a culture of belonging and empowerment.

Maya Samawi, Director of Ayyam Gallery, underscored the significance of celebrating success as a means of fueling motivation and inspiring future achievements. Meanwhile, Bhumika Maniyar, Founder and Sustainability Lead for The Green Revolution, shared her journey towards environmental responsibility, advocating for sustainable practices that resonate across generations.

Collaborative Painting was a symbol of unity and resilience. As the event ended, Khaleej times staff and artists had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative painting session, symbolizing the collective effort needed to uplift and support women in their journey towards empowerment and equality. Working together on four small canvases, artists and participants brought to life themes of empowerment, unity, and resilience, encapsulating the spirit of ‘Sheroes’ in vibrant hues and bold strokes.

Sheroes is an example of empowering Initiatives and supporting women entrepreneurs. As a token of empowerment, attendees were gifted sustainable plants by The Green Revolution and Beautifull mentos by Sushmita Dhruva, supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering a sense of community. The Green Revolution offers personalized plant ownership experience under the guidance of qualified professionals. Bhumika’s leadership extends beyond commerce, championing improved air quality, reduced stress, and fostering a profound connection to the environment and Sushmita creates her designed gifts. These initiatives underscored the commitment of ‘Sheroes’ to not only celebrate women’s achievements but also to provide tangible support and resources for women-led businesses.

The event was supported by Gostoso Coffee,The Juice Beauty, Pincode by Kunal Kapoor, Sushmita Dhruve, The Green Revolution, Be attractive, Pardais News and The Times UAE.

We can conclude by saying that” Sheroes’ served as a powerful reminder of the countless ways in which women shape our world, from the smallest acts of kindness to the most monumental achievements. As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, let us continue to honor and celebrate the Sheroes in our lives and work tirelessly towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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