Savington International Insurance Broker strengthens its regulatory measure and compliance by adopting artificial aided name screening solution from Effiya


Savington proudly announces the strategic partnership with Effiya Technologies to fortify its commitment to regulatory compliance, aligning with the strict regulatory directives of the Central Bank of UAE. The initiative was taken up as a timely and serious measure to enhance Savington’s watchlist monitoring of customers using AI and machine learning aided platform while reducing false positives and bringing efficiency in the compliance lifecycle.

Jigar Shah, CEO Effiya Technologies, expressed enthusiasm stating, “The partnership signifies a positive step towards a more secure and compliant insurance landscape. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient industry adhering to the stringent regulatory framework. Increase client base of Effiya is a testament to our analytics prowess and strong focus on customer satisfaction.”

Dev Maitra, CEO of Savington International, emphasized “The vision of becoming a trusted insurer involves a blend of credibility, reliability, trust and confidence among clients and regulators. Partnering with Effiya is a proactive measure to align rigorously with the Central Bank’s directives. By integrating Effiya’s solutions, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance fostering a secure financial environment that bolsters both client and regulators trust and maintains industry’s reputation for integrity.

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