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Russian Vs Ukrainian Female Model. Who is better?


The question about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian female models and girls is asked fairy often by many people. 30 years ago the answer would be “basically none”, but today things are different.

First, let’s start with history. Ukrainians and Russians used to be the same nation for many centuries. In fact, Kiev (Kyiv), which is the capital of modern Ukraine, was the center of the ancient Rus. Moscow didn’t even exist at that time. Kiev was established in the year 482, but Kyiv’s Rus is mentioned in chronicles since 882.

The Old Rus was made of many principalities, each had their own prince. The ruling prince was in Kiev (Kyiv); local princes were constantly having fights with each other. More principalities were established by moving North East, this is how the Moscow principality came about. Moscow is mentioned for the first time in chronicles in 1147.

Lithuanian rulers took over part of Russian principalities in 14th century. That’s the point in history where territories of modern Ukraine and Russia started to drift apart. The principality of Moscow and nearby lands managed to defend their autonomy, so while the southern lands (Ukraine) became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the part of Rus remained independent.

There were many more wars and acquisitions, the whole history is too long to include here.

The southern lands joined the Russian Empire once again in 17th century and remained a part of it until the status was changed to the Ukrainian People’s Republic, following February revolution of 1917. That’s actually the first time that Ukraine got its official modern name as a country. In 1922 Ukraine became a part of the newly formed Soviet Union under the name of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic.

The USSR collapsed in 1991, since then Ukraine is an independent country.

Ukraine started to drift from Russia in the early 21 century.

Since 2014, after Russia took over Crimea (which was assigned to Ukraine by the decision of the USSR government in 1954), the two former allies are in confrontation. Ukraine considers itself in war with Russia, while Russia denies that any of its troops are in Ukraine.

During the times of the USSR people moved a lot between 15 republics, this is why it’s estimated that about 17% of the population of today’s Ukraine are Russians.

Ukraine has its own language, which Russians understand but cannot speak. The majority of Ukrainians over the age of 25 who live in cities can speak Russian. Younger generation of Ukrainians may not be able to speak Russian, although some do.

If we were to speak about geopsychology (geographical psychology), modern Russian girls and Ukrainian girls are quite different.

Ukrainian girls travel more, because they are able to visit Europe without visas since 2017. The government of Ukraine announced the course on joining the European Union by 2027. Their slogan is, “Ukraine is Europe”.

Russia, on the other hand, strives to encourage internal tourism and patriotism. Their slogan basically is, “Foreign countries are OK to travel and explore, but Russia is unique and better in everything”.
Russia also promotes the idea of being surrounded by political enemies, who try to destroy its uniqueness and strength, therefore western values and ideals are viewed as “foreign” and oppositional. Ukraine sees Russia as an aggressor and the USA and Europe as allies, thus the conscious effort to adopt western values.

There are other social views and ideas that come from these two paradigms. Some people feel that Russian girls are more snobbish and detached, while Ukrainian girls are more down-to-earth and warm.
The girl’s personality also depends on the city where she lives: People living in New York City are very different to those living in Texas; Russia and Ukraine are the same.

I hope this helps to understand the deep rooted difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls. I would say, it’s alike difference between Americans and Canadians.

Russian Fashion industry is despite not to look east is flourishing worldwide. While The Designers, Models are not getting good traction in Ukraine. Ukrainian dependency on West has made country completely not self reliant. While Russian Models are doing good in local as well in International Modelling industries.

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