Runway Dubai Celebrates 10 Years In November with theme ‘Gold is Bold’


The most anticipated fashion event in Dubai is happening on the 23rd -24th of November 2022. The themed show will launch ‘Gold is Bold’ under the crème de la crème edition, celebrating art, music and creative fashion designs. Stevie Boi, a renowned fashion designer who previously worked with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, will be opening the show with a signature edition of shades inspired by the city of Dubai. The Runway Dubai show which is well known for exciting fashion and modeling competitions will be hosting 20 celebrity sportsmen and women to grace the catwalk, inspiring the audience to be: bold in speaking up for themselves, and making the right choices fitness wise. There will be real life stories of determination and persistency.

The on-going Runway Dubai fitness campaign was launched in 2016 with Tennis champion Venus Williams, founder of the label Eleven by Venus who launched a fit model competition on the Runway Dubai platform. history was made as Model Winnie Carine from Cameroun was chosen by Venus Williams as the fittest model of the year. Following the very successful show, brands like Skechers and Adidas have since collaborated with Runway Dubai by launching several socially responsible initiatives on the platform.

This year is no exception in the fitness and fashion alliance, as fashion students from different parts of the world will come together and compete for the tittle ‘designer of the year’. The criteria this year is to create an avant-garde sportswear inspired by any sports activity of their choice. Students will be given the same fabric, but have the liberty to combine the fabric given with any other fabrics and accessories of their choice considering the eco-friendly concept. Other activities during the fashion week will include established designer presentations, award ceremonies, fashion workshops and art exhibitions, entertainment, and dinner.

For more information on how to be part of the Runway Dubai 2022 show, please email:

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