RADIOBOOK: Art Products Made from Materials Used by Scuderia Ferrari in Launch of “RENASCENCE”


RADIOBOOK Co., Ltd., a company based in Tokyo, Japan which has several businesses based on the philosophy of “recycle, reuse, repair, respect, rebranding,” launched the RENASCENCE project in cooperation with Scuderia Ferrari. Materials used at Scuderia Ferrari will be reused and transformed into art products through traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

In conjunction with the announcement of the project at a press conference that was held at 8:00 AM (JST) on February 21 (Monday), registration began at 9 a.m. (Japan local time) on February 21, 2022 for the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind art products that transform the Scuderia Ferrari DNA using traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Fans are encouraged to follow this exciting project as it unfolds around the world.

  • What is RENASCENCE?
    The brand concept for RENASCENCE is “reborn”. Materials that carry on traditions and history will be reborn as one-of-a-kind art products, bringing new value. Materials from Scuderia Ferrari, which would otherwise be thrown away, will continue to carry on the DNA while being transformed into art products by fusing traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
  • Project background and concept
    In the official partnership contract, which was signed in 2020 with Scuderia Ferrari, the two companies agreed to focus their attention on reuse products as part of their sustainable actions. Upon learning about the large volume of waste materials that result every year during their visit to the Scuderia Ferrari head office, RADIOBOOK suggested the idea for the RENASCENCE project, combining the materials with traditional Japanese culture to transform them into art products. RADIOBOOK has adopted a corporate philosophy to “create a world where everyone does only what they want to do,” and by utilizing revitalized components through RENASCENCE, there is great hope that it will become a world-class brand much like the small automotive brands in Italy.
  • How to register
  • Registration opened:   1 a.m. (Japan local time) on Monday, February 21, 2022
      8 a.m. (Italy local time) on Monday, February 21, 2022
  • Website URL:
  • How to purchase:   Please register at the above site
  • Details of the Art Products
    Each art product has been carefully developed on the concept of “tactile feeling,” which means “to be able to sense by touching”. For instance when using the keyboard, there is a distinct sensation of pressing down on the key which is achieved by fusing the unique characteristics of the Scuderia Ferrari materials with traditional Japanese culture. The products are finished using Wajima-nuri lacquer, one of the most popular lacquerware techniques in Japan and feature motifs such as “Patapata”, a traditional Japanese toy, or car engine, integrating the cultures and traditions of Italy and Japan as art products.

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