QNET marks the month of Ramadan through global initiatives


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The holy month of Ramadan is time for families and friends to come together to share in prayer and break their fast together at sunset. As has been tradition for several years now, international e-commerce powered direct selling company QNET is marking Ramadan once again by partnering with NGOs, non-profits, and various other partners in over 30 countries to give back to vulnerable and underserved communities.

The global pandemic disrupted the lives of millions around the world. QNET is committed to helping build a path towards recovery and hope for a brighter future after the prolonged lockdowns and travel restrictions that have caused extensive economic and social challenges around the world.
QNET tapped into its extensive global network of employees, distributors, and partners to embrace the spirit of Ramadan by stepping up to support communities in need across Central Asia, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.
Sharing happiness in Middle East & North Africa
In Algeria, QNET organised an iftar dinner at a children’s home under the auspices of SOS Children’s Village. The children were treated to a nourishing spread of food to break their fast, alongside an evening filled with entertainment and laughter.
In Morocco, QNET joined hands with the non-profit organization ATAA FOUNDATION for the distribution of 100 prepaid cards, each worth of 700 dh to financially vulnerable families, offering them a means of connecting with the people they love during the holy month and paying for essential services.
In the United Arab Emirates, QNET organised a Night Fest event together with SERGAS, the leading provider of gas solutions in the Middle East, to share the Ramadan spirit with over 150 labourers at the SERGAS labour camp in Sharjah. The event was inspired by the UAE government’s “1 Billion Meals Initiative”, which aims to secure food aid for vulnerable groups in the region. QNET also organised a friendly competition for the labourers to win prizes, marking an unforgettable evening for a community of people who serve tirelessly behind the scenes.
In Qatar, QNET collaborated with Wa’hab, the Qatari charity organization committed to feeding the less fortunate and reducing food waste to advocate the need to work towards a goal that extends well beyond just financial success. Local representatives along with QNET employees joined hands with Wa’hab’s volunteers and distributed iftar boxes to the fasting labours. The initiative was one the biggest food distribution drive in the city.
In Palestine, Iftar box was distributed to over 150 children at a children’s home in Gaza. The kids were treated with meals of their choice and enjoyed a lively evening.
In addition to these events, QNET distributed numerous iftar meals to those in need across other countries in MENA Region such as Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon.
Warming the hearts of communities in Asia
QNET joined hands with World Human Relief (WHR), a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Turkey, to donate essential foodstuffs and groceries to approximately 200 households in financially vulnerable positions in the Adana region. QNET also distributed food packages to families in need in Viranşehir, a district of Sanliurfa, Turkey.
In Kazakhstan, QNET organised a Ramadan event in a children’s home in Nur-Sultan. With the collaboration of representatives from the Akimat of Nur-Sultan, the local city hall, and QNET’s distributors and employees, the children were surprised with a newly installed outdoor playground. The QNET team also brought the children on a trip to the local theatre and organised a tea party for them to enjoy.
In Indonesia, QNET brought children from the Muhammadiyah Putat Orphanage and Baitul Hijrah Orphanage to learn, explore, and experience different professions through Kidzania Surabaya’s interactional education playgrounds. Through this activity, QNET hopes to give these children a glimpse of the possibilities available to them for a better future to achieve their dreams.
Spreading the Ramadan spirit in Sub-Saharan Africa
In Tanzania, QNET donated food and toiletry supplies, and provided financial support to the Mazizini Orphanage in Zanzibar, and the Chakuwama Orphanage in Dar Es Salam, showcasing the company’s support for youth and community development in the region. In Lagos, Nigeria, QNET reached out to the Door of Peace (Bab Es Salaam) Orphanage Home, a centre that focuses on housing children from Muslim families since 1990, donating foodstuffs, provisions, and toiletries.
In Ghana, QNET organised a breaking of fast session in a local hospital located in Kumasi. Employees and distributors from QNET engaged with the hospital staff and patients for an evening of shared laughter and food. QNET ended the night with a donation consisting of essential pantry items.
QNET also worked with a local mosque in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to bring together the community with a hearty meal to break their fast. Held in one of the busiest areas in Ivory Coast, the event saw numerous households come together to find comfort in a communal meal, alongside a prayer session at the mosque.
Embodying a culture of giving
Giving back to the community in ingrained into the culture of QNET.
“We believe that for positive change to occur, it starts with us,” says Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET. “We are fortunate to be in a position to provide support to those who need a helping hand. We believe we have a duty to help those who are struggling to get back on their feet or are in vulnerable positions, due to the systemic inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. We’re grateful for the opportunity, no matter how small, to give back to our communities and build a safer, more inclusive Ramadan”.
QNET has been marking the holy month of Ramadan for many years by supporting and getting involved in numerous activities that benefit underserved communities worldwide. Last year, QNET’s Ramadan initiative saw the company extending aid and helping thousands of people impacted by the Covid pandemic around the world.

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