Doha, Qatar — Sumaiya Said Sulaiman Al Siyabi made history as the first woman to claim the title of top Arab innovator on Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science, garnering the support of the jury and the public in a groundbreaking Season 14 final.

The show’s longtime host, Khalid Al Jumaily, revealed that she garnered a total of 82.3 points with her invention, the Remediation and Disposal of Micro-Plastics project, securing the Omani contestant the winning share of the Grand Prize.

“This is a truly special honor! Arab women have a key role in shaping the future of science and technology in the region, and I hope that I can inspire the next generation of female innovators to pursue their dreams and introduce new technologies that benefit our communities,” said Al Siyabi.

The Remediation and Disposal of Micro-Plastics is a floating sphere comprised of microbial mats and nanomaterials that dissolves micro-plastics it comes into contact with. Free of harsh chemicals, the environmentally friendly device would float among patches of plastic garbage on our oceans, trapping and disposing of microplastics that break free.

“Al Siyabi’s invention addresses a major environmental issue that affects bodies of water across the globe. To realize this, she received support from local and international experts, symbolizing how Stars of Science promotes collaboration across disciplines and borders,” said Khalifa Essa Al Kubaisi, Director of Media at Qatar Foundation.

“The success of Stars of Science can be measured by the millions of young people it has encouraged to dream big, through their exposure to the show and its inspirational alumni, and it has long advocated for inclusive development by giving a platform for countless Arab women to demonstrate their ideas and scientific prowess. At Qatar Foundation, we are committed to nurturing a diverse innovation ecosystem and fostering higher levels of participation in the fields of science and technology” said Al Kubaisi.

Noraldin Al-Deri placed second with his Infant Intellectual Auto Classifier, a diagnostic tool that assesses a child’s intellectual capabilities in their early developmental years by collecting and analyzing their behavioral and physiological data as they react to audiovisual stimuli. The Jordanian contestant earned 38.9 points and a share of the Grand Prize.

The season’s top seven innovators will all join the illustrious Stars of Science alumni community, all of whom are working to deliver locally relevant technological solutions and drive change within their communities across the Arab world and beyond.

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