Ookla’s Second Annual MENA Telecommunications Regulatory Summit Unites Policymakers on the Future of Connectivity


SEATTLE — Ookla®, an internationally recognized leader in network measurement and connectivity intelligence, concluded its second annual Telecommunications Regulatory Summit in the Middle East & North Africa region, bringing together distinguished regulators from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, and Libya. Co-hosted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Jordan (TRC), the event served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration to shape the future of connectivity in the region. The event was also attended by Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, HE. Minister Ahmad Hanandeh, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of TRC Jordan, HE. Dr. Nael Adwan, and Head of GSMA MENA Jawad Abbasi.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Summit, held earlier this month, focused on critical topics concerning the state of the connectivity industry, 5G network developments, the increasing importance of accurate latency measurements in future-looking use cases, and broadband planning to close digital divides within the region. Participating regulators also highlighted how they use Ookla’s crowdsourced data and insights to inform policy decisions related to enhanced network performance and improved user experience.

“Crowdsourcing has emerged as a game-changer, empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping the telecom landscape. It brings together the collective experiences and insights of millions, helping us understand the real-world performance of networks and services,” said Vice Chairman and Secretary General of TRC Jordan, HE. Dr. Adwan. “Through our collaboration with Ookla, we have witnessed the incredible potential of crowdsourcing data. This invaluable resource empowers regulators and service providers to make data-driven decisions, optimize network performance, and enhance the overall user experience. By harnessing the collective intelligence of the crowd, we can create a future where connectivity is faster, more reliable, and accessible to all.”

Connectivity plays a pivotal role in driving economic development, fostering competition, and spurring innovation within the MENA region. As consumers’ reliance on internet services continues to grow, regulators must stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. Ookla’s MENA Telecommunications Regulatory Summit provided a unique platform for regulators to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another as they seek to drive the development of the telecommunications sector in the region.

“At Ookla, we serve as the bridge between consumers and the industry, a charter we share with many regulators,” said Ookla Co-Founder and CEO Doug Suttles. “Our MENA Regulatory Summit has brought together key decision-makers in the region to foster a deeper understanding of the current challenges and opportunities in an ever-evolving connectivity landscape. Ookla expresses its gratitude to TRC Jordan for co-hosting the event and extends its appreciation to all the participating regulators, industry leaders, and attendees for their valuable contributions. We firmly believe that collaboration between regulators and industry stakeholders is key to realizing the full potential of connectivity.”

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