NLT to Offer UAE Investors the Opportunity to Invest in the Booming US Trucking Industry


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The US trucking business accounts for a large part of the country’s transportation services. According to the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) latest data, 72.5% of the nation’s freight by weight is transported by trucks at a time when the industry is facing the challenge of finding qualified drivers. The American Ministry of Transport estimates that c.300 thousand truck drivers leave the business each year, even as demand for haulage keeps rising. Next Level Trucking (NLT) has risen to the challenge of meeting demand and resolving labor shortages by offering investors a chance to participate in this vibrant industry through its trucking investment program.

NLT’s CEO Jay Whitley commented: “Next Level Trucking offers individual investors the opportunity to earn additional income from transportation activities by investing in trucks. During 2021, revenues on the best trucks were as high as US$ 320 thousand. Our investment program, which is based on current data and analytical assessments, is rising in importance just as commodity prices and transportation costs rise each day,” he added.

The operational side of the investment is managed by haulage specialists.
Explaining that investors can draw comfort from NLT’s 120 years of sound operational expertise in the trucking industry, Whitley said, “Our NLT program’s offering is a turnkey investment opportunity. Our firm is remarkable for its many years of operational excellence and is managed by licensed drivers. Investors who contribute their individual capital injections will not have to deal with the management of the business on a day-to-day basis. That process is conducted by NLT’s expert teams,” he said.

No requirement to have any industry expertise to become an investor.
Noting that NLT has made it possible to invest with no prior industry expertise, Whitley concluded, “The first returns on investment can be obtained at the end of only the first year. Our investors have the strategic option of growing their capital sustainability with very little effort. Details of this innovative program, offered in four different formats, are available on our website.”

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