“Naif Alrajhi Investment” Makes Strategic Move with Significant Stake Acquisition in “Veyron Marketing”


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Naif Alrajhi Investment, a premier Saudi investment group, has recently acquired a significant stake in Veyron Marketing, a leading name in Saudi Arabia’s marketing and advertising sector. Veyron, renowned for its rapid growth, specializes in the strategic planning and execution of both local and international advertising campaigns. This acquisition underscores Veyron’s robust competitive standing, its expansive business trajectory, and its pioneering role in the marketing and advertising industry.

In a strategic move, Veyron’s recent acquisition is set to amplify its forward-looking plans, tapping into the collective strengths of both companies. This partnership is poised to champion a seamless exchange of expertise, data-driven insights, and professional prowess. With an emphasis on top-tier consultancy services and innovative solution design, the collaboration is geared to seize the myriad of opportunities presented by the sector’s robust expansion.

Naif Saleh Alrajhi, Chairman and CEO of Naif Alrajhi Investment group, commented on the acquisition, saying, “This move sets a fresh paradigm in marketing investment, with an eye on amplifying the digital content landscape and enhancing community engagement, all while sharpening our competitive edge.”

Mohammad Al Esmail, Co-founder and CEO of Veyron Company, shared his insights on the recent acquisition, noting, “This strategic move not only aligns with our vision to diversify and broaden our horizons but also introduces a new caliber of professional marketing products and cutting-edge tools.”

Al Esmail added, “It’s all about elevating the sector’s profile on both local and global stages, perfectly syncing with the Vision 2030 objectives. This acquisition is more than just a business decision; it’s about shaping the future of marketing, driving next-gen trends, and ensuring our advertising solutions stand out in terms of quality and efficiency.”

Salim Majzoub, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Veyron Company, underscored the pivotal role of marketing and advertising in driving economic and cultural advancements. “Partnerships like these,” Majzoub commented, “are not just beneficial—they’re essential for the holistic evolution of the sector.”

Established in 2015, Veyron has consistently made its mark in the industry, amassing a slew of local and international accolades for its innovative endeavors. Just last year, the company was honored with two SMARTIES awards at the prestigious MMA SMARTIES ceremony in Dubai, a testament to its team’s exemplary marketing campaigns. Not resting on its laurels, Veyron has already bagged three awards in 2023, distinguishing itself for best-in-class geotargeting campaigns, mastering customer lifecycle strategies, and delivering the standout advertising campaign of the year.

Naif Alrajhi Investment Group, a prominent Saudi investment powerhouse with operations across five countries, is renowned for its dynamic investment strategies in real estate, capital markets, and M&A. With a rich and diversified portfolio, the group has successfully established and fostered prosperous partnerships in 11 varied sectors. These sectors range from real estate and hospitality to food and beverages, mining, contracting, interior design, financial markets, marketing communications, and logistics, underscoring the group’s multifaceted investment approach.

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