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Muhammed Ali Acarzade, President of Acarzade Group, Has Been Appointed as the Turkish Representative of the Global Fintech Company OnePro


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — While the global fintech market continues to grow, strong market players have started to expand their spheres of influence. Born in 2019 in Australia and quick to penetrate into other geographies, the global fintech company OnePro added one more country into the bag of its regions of operation. Enabling direct market access to such asset classes as equity shares, commodities, forward transactions, crypto, forex, and indexes, OnePro assigned a representative to the Turkish market following Dubai. The Turkish representative of OnePro is Muhammed Ali Acarzade, the President of Acarzade Group operating in such sectors as metal, architecture, cosmetics, textile, and food.

Sharing his opinions on the subject, Muhammed Ali Acarzade said, “We are working to make Turkiye a regional and global economic power and we closely follow the latest technologies in the world. We are proud to be the Turkish representative of a business partner who sets the standards in the sector”.

Technological solutions that facilitate investment processes

Founded in Australia in 2019 followed by its penetration into Asia Pacific markets in the same year, OnePro produces technological solutions that enable easy access to all asset classes. The company set up regional offices in Asia in 2020 and following its entrance to Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and Dubai in 2021, it intends to start operating in Turkiye as well. OnePro has chosen Acarzade Group, an entity that stands out with 20 years of experience in many sectors, as its representative in Turkiye.

Acarzade Group expands its fields of activity with a new one

Remarking that they have been active in many sectors, particularly the metal industry, Acarzade Group President Muhammed Ali Acarzade added to his comments: “As a company that turns revenues into investments, we now turn our face to investment which is the current rising star and expand our fields of activity with a new one by becoming the Turkish representative of OnePro. OnePro mobile and web platforms will make investing more accessible.”

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