The Mrs. UAE International pageant reveal the winner for 2023


Being Muskaan Events, once again, hosted a stunning event, the Mrs. UAE International 2023, which was held on May 7th at the renowned Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Canal View. The event featured an enthralling beauty pageant and a prestigious awards ceremony.

About Being Muskaan Events
Meena Asrani, a celebrated personality in the fashion industry, is the visionary behind Being Muskaan. With a remarkable career as an actor and model, Meena Asrani established this inclusive brand to inspire, empower, and motivate individuals. Notably, Meena Asrani is renowned for her exceptional role in organizing the biggest pageants in the UAE, including Mrs, Mr & Miss UAE International.

Following her remarkable achievements as ‘Mrs. India Universe Popular’ in 2018 and ‘Mrs. India Universe Dubai,’ Meena Asrani, a well-regarded figure as a ‘Pageant Guru’ and ‘International Groomer,’ discovered her passion for fostering confidence, leadership, responsibility, respect, and intelligence. It was this realization that sparked the inception of Being Muskaan.

Meena Asrani, with her extensive background in the fashion industry, has established herself as a highly esteemed personality. Her remarkable accomplishments, such as receiving the Unity Award and being acknowledged as the ‘Best Pageant Organizer,’ solidify her position as a distinguished leader in her field.

Motivated by a deep passion for empowering individuals, Meena Asrani founded Being Muskaan with the purpose of fostering confidence, leadership, and other essential qualities. Recognizing the importance of these attributes, she is dedicated to inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness and unlock their true potential.

Being Muskaan is a brand that distinguishes itself by embracing diversity and serving as a beacon of inspiration for people from all backgrounds.

Mrs. UAE International 2023 Following three days of intensive training and preparation, the highlight of the main event revolved around the Talent Round and Fashion Runway. This spectacular showcase featured the finest UAE designers, including Budoor Is’haque, Golden Apple, StyldesibyRajni, Sims Blossoms, and Model Madness. Captivating the audience, the models elegantly paraded down the runway, exhibiting exquisite and sophisticated designs that left a lasting impression.

The panel of judges undertook the demanding responsibility of evaluating participants hailing from various fields and backgrounds, heightening the suspense among the eagerly anticipating crowd.

After a thorough evaluation process, Emcee Lakshmi Shirin ultimately unveiled the deserving champions, much to the delight of everyone present. Neha Silva achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious golden category of Mrs. UAE International 2023, with Kevaljit Sandhu as the deserving 1st Runner Up and Shereen Begum B as the accomplished 2nd Runner Up. Additionally, the coveted title of Mrs. UAE International 2023 (Platinum Category) was claimed by Neha Sharma, with Mamta Malhotra securing the well-deserved 1st Runner Up position and Nemika Joshi impressively taking the 2nd Runner Up spot.

Being Muskaan Events showcased their exceptional expertise in organizing an extraordinary occasion that left an indelible mark. The meticulous planning and flawless execution created an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike. This remarkable event eloquently showcased the UAE’s finest qualities, celebrating its cultural diversity and opulence that is synonymous with the region.

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