Moscow’s Extensive Festival Program makes it the City of Festivals.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Moscow, the vibrant capital of Russia, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and its extensive festival program that beckons tourists from around the world. This bustling metropolis hosts numerous thematic festivals throughout the year, allowing visitors to delve into Russian culture and find entertainment to suit every taste.

Moscow’s Culinary Delights

Moscow boasts an abundance of metropolitan gastronomic festivals, with “Tastes of Russia” being a favourite among tourists. This festival takes you on a unique journey through the flavours of 76 different country regions. Depending on the season, Moscow also hosts events like fish weeks, Maslenitsa, and the New Year’s and Easter fairs, offering diverse culinary experiences.

Breakfast holds a special place in the hearts of Muscovites, and the Moscow City Tourism Committee organises festivals where restaurateurs offer unique morning sets, encompassing everything from traditional scrambled eggs and sausages to global treats like Indian halva and Turkish coffee.

Outdoor Adventures Aplenty

Moscow’s climate is a big advantage for outdoor enthusiasts. During winter festivals, you can admire the snow-covered domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral and glide on huge ice-skating rinks. In the summer, you can surf artificial waves or join open-air dance parties, making the most of the warm weather.

The “Month on Horseback” festival is a must-see for those who love watching remarkable performances. The riders from the Kremlin Riding School dazzle the audience with their galloping acrobatic and gymnastic stunts.

Moscow Urban Forum

Recently, one of the city’s biggest festivals, Moscow Urban Forum (MUF), with concerts, fairs, excursions, sporting events and parties, was held in the capital of Russia, uniting several major venues, including Luzhniki Stadium, Zaryadye Park, the Manege Exhibition Hall, and Gostiny Dvor. This event featured diverse activities, including gastronomic festivals, circus acts, film showcases, and fashion shows. Guests could even get behind the wheel in car simulators, conquer artificial waves, and experience snow sports. The MUF also provided a unique opportunity for guests to explore Moscow’s transformation over the last 12 years through interactive exhibits and its virtual twin city in the information technology pavilion. Throughout the forum, a mobile tourist information centre offered free excursions, route planning, and answers to guests’ questions about Moscow.

Moscow’s festivals have evolved into an integral element of the city’s urban landscape, providing an excellent chance for visitors to delve into the heart of the city and immerse themselves in Russian culture.

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