Model Magda Swider walks the runway at The Middle East Fashion Week


The second edition of Middle East Fashion Week took place at The Agenda in Dubai Media City. We had an opportunity to see so many creative talents including top designers: Michael Cinco, Ezra Couture, Red Camel, SOL ANGELANN, Garimon Roferos, Valeryia As’ad and Amato Couture who was closing the event. The shows ran for 4 days and Polish Model Magda Swider was chosen to walk for all the designers. Below the picture in sandy winter street style coat by Red Camel. We love Magda’s wavy hair and natural look.

Magda Swider walking for Red Camel. Picture taken by Polina Shalaeva

Global fashion model Magda Swider never slows down. After busy period in September and October with shows in New York and Los Angeles she was seen at The Middle East Fashion Week in Dubai which took place from November 7th-10th with a total of 15 designers showcasing their newest collection Ready-To-Wear 2023. Celebrities are valued for their status, the work they do and the lifestyle they live. While in the fashion industry, fame came naturally, Magda is known for her hard work and she makes everyone’s head turn. Swider has earned massive fanfare in showbusiness this year.

The gorgeous model has walked the runways previously this year in February also in London, Milan and Paris. This year is very busy and full of success for Miss Swider. Having made a seamless progression, the fashion model has taken her work reach across borders.

Magda has been in fashion industry for a long time. From an early age she loved experimenting with her looks. She started her career at the age of 15 when she got signed on with Elite Agency in New York. She has been published in top fashion editorials including: Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel. Magda is also well known from her other runway debuts walking for Jimmy Choo, Bora Aksu, Kenneth Barlis, Coral Castillo and Mister Triple X.

Check out the newest photos of Magda from the current shows in Dubai. Swider looked amazing in every look on the runway. She is like chameleon and has fantastic captivating eyes. Her beauty can change and become different in each look. She is 178 cm tall and an extremely mesmerizing beauty. Thanks to her original beauty and diligence Magda is one of the most sought-after models and this is what distinguishes a real model.
We wonder what else will surprise us with Magda in this 2022.

Magda Swider walking for The House Of Victor. Picture taken by Polina Shalaeva

We love the natural look and fresh makeup with middle parting and sleek ponytail. White dress with a waistband around chest looking like a very long skirt but worn other way around making the outfit looking interesting. Silver matching accessories and hand bag with heavy earrings and bracelet makes the look more expensive.

Magda Swider walking for Amato Couture. Picture taken by Polina Shalaeva

Another look that we loved from the runway was a dark green/dark blue jeans high waisted skirt with a black belt and high black boots and gloves with a tight jeans bra and beige material around the neck resembling a feather. Dark deep blue lips and a cap on the head covering the hair made this a proper high fashion look.

And finally a Cinderella look. A grey long dress with crystals around the waist, a pink bra and pink bow on the back. Sleek hair bun and a silver head piece looking like a crown. This look is just spectacular.

Magda Swider walking for EzraCouture. Picture taken by Polina Shalaeva.
Magda Swider walking for EzraCouture. Picture taken by Polina Shalaeva.

What is your favourite look of Magda from the recent shows in Dubai? Share your thoughts with us.

Special Thanks to:

Photographer : Polina Shalaeva
MEFW team: Payal Kshatriyacerri and Simon Gatto
Make Up : AOFM Make Up
Hair: Dani Hiswani
Backstage: Sara Kondal
Venue: The Agenda Dubai

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