Mimi Tamer, the renowned Middle Eastern model, is set to grace the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week


Mimi Tamer, the renowned Apparel Business founder from the Middle East, has taken the fashion world by storm as she embarks on a new journey as a supermodel. Exciting news has surfaced that Mimi Tamer will be gracing the runway at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

After completing her studies, a talented Syrian girl embarked on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey by establishing a Fashion Garment and Cosmetics Trading company in the Middle East. Her foray into the fashion world began as a model in the Middle East, representing various brands, before eventually expanding her horizons as an advertising model in Africa and Asia. Her remarkable trajectory showcases her determination and success in both the business and modeling realms.

Mimi Tamer, a fashion and advertising model, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey after completing her university studies. She established garment stores in both the Middle East and Africa, venturing into the business field. With her expertise spanning many years, Mimi successfully navigated the realms of garments and cosmetics, leaving a mark in the industry.

Following her decision to enter the fashion industry, Mimi Tamer embarked on her modeling journey, becoming the face of numerous local brands in the Middle East. Her talents took her to Turkey and Malaysia, where she participated in captivating photoshoots and advertisements for renowned brands and luxurious hotels. Presently, Mimi is actively collaborating with Vogue Vibes in Dubai, further solidifying her presence in the fashion world.

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