Meet The Lebanese Stylist Behind Nadine Njeim’s Look in Arabic TV Series Salon Zahra


Lebanese celebrity stylist Jony Matta never fails in proving that her elegant taste can turn edgy in seconds, and Nadine Njeim’s looks in the upcoming show “Salon Zahra” are again another proof.
Lebanese actress and Ex-Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim is a big name in the Arab acting scene, and eyes are always on her. The beauty queen took the leading role in Salon Zahra, her newest TV series due to premiere on August 19, 2021 on Shahid (in two days so don’t miss out on it!), and Lebanese celebrity fashion and beauty stylist Jony Matta is handling Nadine’s looks.

Between what we expect and what we saw from the teasers, ads and posters, the two ladies have been sharing with us on Instagram, we think we will see edgy and elegance combined in the best ways possible.
In an interview with Special Arabia, the image consultant and stylist with more than 50 K followers, Jony Matta opens up to our team on the challenges, the styling, and everything about Nadine’s looks in Salon Zahra. For more surprises, keep scrolling.

Which style/mood did you choose for the looks?
The style had to be fresh and colorful to go with the character. That’s why I made sure to use a lot of prints and colors to add more vibrant and vivid vibes to the show. Some patterns used took us back in time but with a modern twist in order to create a unique identity to the character.

Were your choices based on Nadine’s personality or more on the role’s demands?

A bit of both for sure. I’ve been working with Nadine for many years now, so I know her personality and I know well what suits her and features her traits perfectly. That’s why I always take these details into consideration and work alongside the director and art director to understand the aspects of the role in order to establish a strong balance between what Nadine likes and the character she’s playing.

What are the staples we will frequently see Nadine in?
Nadine will be wearing a lot of floral and dotted dresses with different cuts. Most of the designs were made especially for this series, to feature Nadine’s beauty in a sexy yet elegant and casual way.

We noticed a fresh yet edgy vibe. How did you combine both?
It was a bit challenging for sure to present kind of a vintage, casual and colorful look in a modern frame. That’s why I had to add some edgy cuts with some floral prints and strong colors to make Nadine as fresh and as much powerful as possible. Not to mention that the chunky accessories I used helped me a lot to achieve this look.

Many people wonder about the relationship between a stylist and the actress. How is it working with the A-list Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim?
I love working with Nadine (that goes without saying) or else we couldn’t have worked with each other for a long time now. I do believe as well that mutual respect is the first key for a healthy relation, then comes the work ethics and attention to details from following up on her looks and working hard to get her what suits her best. Plus, Nadine is extremely funny and spontaneous so it’s fun to be around her, beside the fact that she knows exactly what she wants so that makes it easier to everyone.

3 Styling Tips you’d like to share with Special Arabia’s team?
The Coronavirus pandemic is still hitting us hard to the point where we can’t enjoy any happiness surrounding us. So below are my tips to be creative, productive and looking gorgeous and happy during these hard times, without any negative vibes.
1- Think outside the box this season and go a bit crazy with some colors, fresh and edgy looks. Denims and linen are never out of trend.
2- During summer time, always go for more simple looks especially for your every morning day routine. Keep it fresh and light.
As for night looks you can adapt a strong makeup with an edgy twist to your hairstyle.
3- Add more colors this summer. Don’t let these hard times ruin your mood, and make sure to add some bright but casual shirts to keep you feeling fresh and happy.

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