McDonald’s Egypt Selects Roboost to Fully Automate Delivery Operations


Cairo, Egypt — Roboost, the provider of the only fully automated home delivery management solution, is pleased to announce its partnership with McDonald’s Egypt. With Roboost’s AI-powered solution, McDonald’s Egypt is poised to fully automate their last-mile delivery cycle, optimizing operations before delivery starts, and reducing manual actions.

Home delivery in Egypt has been popular for years, yet it remains a complex operation to master. McDonald’s Egypt was the first market with a developmental license to establish home delivery in the world. Therefore, the partnership between Roboost and McDonald’s Egypt is a testament to Egypt’s leading role in the home delivery space. Bringing together decades of home delivery expertise and technology to transform the delivery market in Egypt.

Roboost’s cutting-edge technology has already helped many businesses in the market, doubling their delivery speeds, increasing productivity by 60%, and reducing operational costs by 30%, making them the ideal partner for McDonald’s Egypt.

With Roboost, McDonald’s Egypt can now fully automate their delivery operations, and benefit from greater visibility and control over each stage of the delivery cycle, to not only enhance delivery speed but also gain clear reliable operational insights, to help improve the overall customer experience even further. The solution will also help ensure optimum productivity from the fleet.

“We are excited to partner with McDonald’s Egypt and help them continue to deliver on their famed promise of the fastest delivery in Egypt.” said Mohamed Gessraha, CEO of Roboost. “With our AI-powered solution, they can fully automate their home delivery operations, optimize their routes even without digital locations, and improve their delivery times, all while offering their customers a consistently superior delivery experience. We are confident that our partnership will set new standards in the delivery market across the region.”

“At McDonald’s Egypt, we take pride in being pioneers in the home delivery sector and consistently raising the bar in terms of speed, reliability and overall customer experience,” said Essam Reda, Senior Director of People & Operations at McDonald’s Egypt. “Partnering with Roboost allows us to take our delivery operations to the next level through automation and AI-driven route optimization. We are excited to utilize Roboost’s solution to streamline our end-to-end delivery process, gain even faster turnaround times, and further enhance food quality and safety, providing our valued customers with the best delivery experience possible.”

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