Managing and Organizing Celebrations Made Easy with Shugah


Do you have the app that pulls together all celebrations essentials for you in no time and have them delivered to you at the time you select?

Shugah leads the events and celebrations space among mobile applications. It is the first mobile application of its kind that connects the vendors and consumers to fulfill celebrations needs with seamless payment and fast delivery of fresh edibles as well as decoration items. Shugah is the innovative “celebrations souq” that provides all essentials for successfully organizing events, parties and anniversaries. This special occasions ‘savior’ has been founded and launch by the entrepreneur duo Abhishek Kapur and Farhan Khadmi. Both of these visionary business enthusiasts were school friends in Dubai, who are now leading Shugah. Shugah innovates to solve the needs of just anyone who is about to host a birthday party, anniversary, house warming party or any other celebration. It is unique as it brings together multiple vendors needed to make a celebration delightful.

This mobile application has gained its popularity in the UAE primarily because it literally solves all needs associated with making the best moments in an event. It’s a platform for vendors and buyers to sort out solutions in celebrations and party space. Be it a house warming dinner party or a birthday celebration, users may find hundreds of vendors in this app selling essentials such as fresh cakes, sweets, delights, party decorations, balloons, and so on. All of these will be delivered to your doorstep from the vendors you select. Did we just say fresh cakes?

The inventors of this celebration technology believe that the gap between vendors and consumers has been bridged to ensure the digital party store helps in creating best parties. The founders Abhishek and Farhan are happy to have solved many issues for party organizers, families and friends who had struggled in the past to get the party items delivered to them from a single point. Multiple choices, the freedom of customization of products, the luxury of comparison among vendors and the convenience of getting everything on time seamlessly are the features that make Shugah unique and best app around for creating amazing events.

User can download this celebrations souq, Shugah, on their mobile phones easily from app store or play store. It offers with everything they need for celebrating the upcoming happy moments with a personal touch. Follow Shugah on Instagram @shugahco

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