Make your mother feel special with LG


Mothers are known as the superhero in their household and there isn’t one single day to show mothers how much they mean to families and how much they touch their children’s lives. However, celebrating them on their special day is one way to show appreciation. Additionally, there is never a shortage of gifts and activities to show mothers how loved and appreciated they are. With that said, shower a mother with LG Electronics’ variety of products to choose from such as the LG Gram, OLED TV, Wireless Buds, or even Portable Speakers, and make this Mother’s Day the most special yet.


Gift mom an LG OLED TV and elevate her streaming experience. The LG’s OLED TV is the pinnacle of TV watching. It’s unique picture quality on a massive scale delivers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. What makes OLED unlike any other TV is the self-lit pixels. There is a self-luminous display technology that offers consumers the most ultimate viewing experience. Furthermore, she can enjoy it in the perfect black, rich color, and the magnificence of self-lit pixels across a variety of models. The LG’s OLED TV comes in various sizes ranging from 48 to 88-inch screens. That way mom can experience OLED quality for all her favourite shows on a mass scale. 

LG Wireless Ear Buds

Let mom turn off and get in the zone with the ergonomically designed LG Ear Buds. Designed by analyzing hundreds of ears, leading it to its signature Arc Design with an earbud stem 4.4 millimeters shorter than any previous models, making it comfortable for users with an active lifestyle. The Earbuds can provide mom with 10 hours of play time and 24 hours of usage whenever used with the charging case. Five minutes in the charging case can offer one full hour of listening which is perfect for a mom on the go.

LG Portable Speakers

Consider purchasing an LG Portable Speaker for the mother who has found the music in her. The  LG XBOOM contain reflectors that are usually found only in high quality audio products and was designed to deliver 360-degree sound with minimal distortion whether users are listening to it indoors or out. The LG XBOOM can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion thanks to 360-degree mood lighting with three different presets – Ambient, Nature and Party – as well as a range of customizable lighting options and sound effects when controlled using the app. More importantly, the XBOOM offers 10 hours of listening enjoyment on a single charge. Whether it is used for music, podcasts or business use, the LG XBOOM can be considered as the perfect gift.

LG Gram

Perhaps mom has an entrepreneurial spirit and needs the next PC upgrade for her home office and remote meetings. Consider gifting her the latest LG Gram laptop which boasts a slim and lightweight design, meaning performance doesn’t have to come at the expense of portability. Available in 14, 16 and 17 inches, the impressive LG gram lineup offers fantastic screen quality with powerful components, unbelievable battery life and a convenient light design. The LG Gram also comes equipped with the upgraded Windows 11 which offers new features such as improved virtual desktop support, the ability to access widgets directly from the Taskbar. In addition to the new Chromium-based Edge integrated into Windows 11 which offers improved performance, speed and efficiency-boosting features for a more satisfying browsing experience.

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