Major Update: B2Broker Adds Match-Trader White Label


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — After integrating cTrader in 2022, B2Broker has continued to expand, with the integration of Match-Trader being the most recent. By adding Match-Trader, B2Broker, a worldwide provider of liquidity and technology for the FX and cryptocurrency markets, has announced the extension of its white label liquidity service. Thanks to this new integration, clients will have access to a full white label solution, highly competitive commercials, and a ready-made B2Core integration. This integration is a prime example of B2Broker’s dedication to providing its clients with a complete and flexible service.

Match-Trader While Label Solution

To give brokers and their clients a complete Match-Trader experience, B2Broker has created a white label solution. The new service streamlines all necessary technologies into a single bundle to significantly reduce costs for brokers. The product includes:

  • B2BinPay (a platform for processing cryptocurrency payments)
  • B2Core (a CRM system)
  • Access to B2Broker’s Prime of Prime liquidity pool.

With all of these capabilities, the new Match Trader white label offering will surely be a hit in the brokerage sector.

The Match-Trader white label makes online trading easy with its wide range of features and services. This comprises round-the-clock server support and technical assistance, devoted account managers, and our knowledge to guide you through the brokerage environment. To make sure that your staff is completely up to speed with the new technology, training sessions are also offered as part of the white label package.

For companies wishing to take advantage of reduced trading fees and advantageous volume charges, the Match-Trader white label is the ideal option. Additionally, there are no setup fees, and the platform configuration is free. Customers simply need to deposit a minimum liquidity fee for three months as an initial investment. These clients receive a grace period of one full calendar month plus any leftover days since the terms of monthly minimum liquidity and connection were created, which makes it even more appealing.

Match-Trader x B2Core integration

B2Broker also empowers brokers with its Match-Trader and B2Core integration, allowing them to provide a seamless experience for their customers. Through the integrated trader’s room, traders can easily open and manage accounts in real-time and connect directly to the platform. This new solution gives brokers access to a high-quality trading environment that rivals other popular platforms.

Creating a margin trading account with Match-Trader and B2Core became even easier. Start by creating a user account to link all your trading accounts. Once that’s done, you can easily link your margin trading account with Match-Trader and start immediately. Trading with leverage has never been more accessible.

The B2Core team has added a new Match-Trader section to their Platforms tab, providing users with a range of features and capabilities. With the ability to create both demo and live accounts, users can test out different trading strategies in real-time. Furthermore, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transfers are all available within the platform. The dedicated Match-Trader terminal can be downloaded directly from the platform to make things even better. This is sure to open up a world of exciting opportunities for traders.


The financial world is buzzing with excitement as the integration of B2Broker and Match-Trader brings a new level of robustness to brokers’ online trading experience. Boasting user-friendly tools and features, this suite of technologies provides businesses access to advanced operations that keep them competitive in the market.

Furthermore, the upcoming integration of Match-Trader and IB programming will bring even more possibilities. This integration promises to provide users with an invaluable platform that caters to all types of businesses regardless of size or complexity.

Brokers will soon be able to offer a single platform with integrated Match-Trader and B2Core mobile, too, giving customers access to an array of features and capabilities. So don’t miss out on this exciting product – keep an eye out for it in the near future!

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