Life’s a Breeze with LG Residential Air Conditioners


As temperatures soared in 2023, few things offered such soothing respite from hot discomfort as a well-oiled residential air conditioner (AC), and LG Electronics (LG) delivered new, more efficient, faster-cooling tropical inverter split units to its desert climate customers.

LG’s commitment to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment is evident in its advanced AC solutions that seamlessly integrate with smart home ecosystems, allowing users to control and monitor their indoor climate remotely. That commitment is matched by a dedication to sustainability, reflected in the eco-friendly design and enhanced energy-saving capabilities of LG AC units. As a result, LG residential AC owners experience a significant improvement in overall living quality, enjoying personalized comfort while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

LG ACs are built to last and deal with some of the toughest climates, and its inverter tropical split ACs for desert climate are where style and technology come together. With LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor, products like the 3 Ton LG DUALCOOL Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Inverter, not only save around 65% in energy, and cools your home as much as 60% faster than conventional ACs, but also works in extreme temperatures of up to 65℃. It also boasts a comfort sleep mode with indirect air flow, timer, and soft wind, and includes Gold Fin™ corrosion resistance for enhanced durability.

LG Air Conditioners with Wi-Fi function can make any house the smartest on the block, with a smart app offering easy access to control the unit from anywhere with a Wi-Fi equipped device, even if you’re not home and forgot to turn it off before rushing out the door. Crucially for maintenance and upkeep, if you’re misusing your device, or a malfunction repair is needed, ThinQ lets you know the appropriate solutions before a problem occurs.

As soon as your AC unit is registered on the Smart ThinQ app, it automatically runs a diagnostic check to make sure it was installed properly, effectively ensuring it’s smart enough look after itself. The app also provides a full report of your daily and weekly usage with an analysis of the power consumption, learning your routines, and proposes suggestions that improve your day-to-day life.

LG air conditioning systems are not only eco-friendly with advanced features and thoughtful designs, they’re also engineered to help you breathe easier in the home, with allergy reduction technologies, and built-in Dual Protection Filters, ensuring you and your guests can always be comfortable.

LG’s Residential Air Conditioning Solutions truly elevated the home living experience in 2023 by introducing cutting-edge technologies and innovative features, and in doing so set a new standard for modern, efficient, and intelligent climate control.

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