LG steps up air solutions with launch of Inverter Single Package in Qatar


Doha, Qatar — LG Electronics recently announced that its Inverter Single Package solution, the 25RT heat pump, will officially be available in Qatar, as a part of the brand’s regional expansion strategy. Given the country’s erratic climate situation, the Inverter Single Package is ideal for the region, providing cold air in summers and warm air during winters.

The LG Inverter Single Package is the world’s first 25RT heat pump and brings to the table the ultimate and efficient performance complete with easy access for service and a direct drive fan motor for easy set-up. However, efficiency is key with the LG Inverter Single Package, thanks to its Inverter Compressor that improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor durability and reliability.  This also allows for optimized output, adjusted to the surroundings for maximum energy efficiency.

Capable of both heating and cooling, the LG Inverter Single Package is apt for any environment, without even needing an auxiliary heater. This in turn will save energy and reduce overall costs. It also comes with Dual Sensing Control, which can sense both humidity and temperature for a more efficient and cost-effective operation. For example, during summer days with high humidity, colder air is discharged for quick latent heat elimination. For dry summer days with low humidity, milder air is discharged to make the room less dry. It also comes with a slew of additional features including a Direct Drive Fan Motor and a simple remote based adjustment system.

Another key feature of the Inverter Single Package 25RT heat pump comes down to its maintenance, which is designed to be simple and efficient. For instance, it uses an enhanced structure with hinged doors, which reduces installation and maintenance time, while a sliding filter further simplifies maintenance and extends product life. The prefilter is washable too, allowing for quick cleaning with just water.

All of this is topped off with a Convertible Duct Connection, that allows for easy installation in various directions so it can be installed at various sites while maintaining the same performance. The Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger also ensures performance in corrosive environments such as contaminated or humid areas thanks to its high corrosion resistance.

“Package units has never been a popular choice among HVAC units, but with LG’s commitment to our clients to provide efficient and durable products, we are very proud to announce the availability of the Package Unit lineup in Qatar” said Mr. Jae Won Yu, General Manager Air Solutions LG Gulf. 

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