LG revolutionizes air solutions with the LG Inverter single package


Every facility has its unique plans when it comes to comfort and energy-efficiency requirements. Many businesses look for easy and efficient solutions that won’t disrupt their daily routine. Understanding these needs, LG Electronics (LG) presents the LG Inverter Single Package. Designed to provide a highly efficient cooling and heating unit, packing powerful performance, and promises convenient maintenance.

The LG Inverter Single Package hosts the world’s first 25RT Heat Pump, allowing it to boast an unparalleled performance. Easy to set up, its hinged doors make component servicing simple. Additionally, the highly efficient ultimate inverter compressor improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor durability and reliability. It adjusts the output according to the environment, thus offering maximum energy efficiency.

Designed to detect external surroundings and temperature, the LG Inverter Single Package has both heating and cooling facilities without installing an auxiliary heater. Its Dual Sensing Control senses the humidity and temperature to ensure an economically comfortable operation without having to adjust it throughout the day. On summer days with high humidity, colder air is discharged for quick latent heat elimination. Similarly, on summer days with low humidity, milder air is discharged to make the premises less dry. It not only helps save annual costs but also ensures no additional investment in electric heaters in addition to energy saving.

A big aspect of decision-making, is to ensure ease of comfort and efficiency. How easy it is to set up a certain device, use, and maintain. The more trouble-free, the better. With the Direct Drive Fan Motor, one does not have to adjust the pulley and belt or inject grease regularly. The lack of additional parts significantly reduces repair costs and makes maintenance easier. Moreover, it provides a wide E.S.P. coverage with a high static pressure motor.

The LG Inverter Single Package has the feature of easy air volume adjustment. There is no need to read heavy manuals or pull any pulleys. Its remote control allows the user to change the airflow easily. With a diverse range of effective control solutions, the controlling system is a smart individual controller with a flexible interlocking environment and energy management. Its user-friendly interface helps identify, and subsequently satisfy the need of each building space and the users inhabiting it.

Its features do not end there. Its enhanced structure reduces installation and maintenance time. With Convertible Duct Connection, the LG Inverter Single Package can be installed at various sites while maintaining peak performance. Highly corrosion-resistant, the “Black Fin” heat exchanger is designed to perform in contaminated and humid environments. Additionally, the sliding type washable filter ensures easy maintenance and extends the product’s life.

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