LG presents a breath of fresh air at its retrofit solutions seminar, planting a tree for each attendee


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — LG Electronics (LG) yesterday hosted an engaging seminar on retrofitting homes and businesses with LG Inverter Technology, drawing an impressive crowd of 100 of the region’s leading contractors and facility management companies keen to explore the advantages of the technology, not only for enhanced comfort, but also for its eco-conscious approach towards reducing environmental impact.

Showcasing LG’s cutting-edge HVAC system, the seminar focused on the retrofit solution’s ability to replace indoor and outdoor units with an inverter system, all while reusing existing pipes; not only saving money, but also significantly reducing installation time and eliminating the need for intrusive construction, offering a hassle-free solution for both homeowners and businesses.

The presentation at the Park Hyatt Dubai Creek Resort also touched on LG’s intuitive inverter compressor technology’s ability to automatically adjust its operating range when it reaches a preset temperature, providing world-class energy efficiency – without compromising on cooling comfort – by reducing unnecessary consumption, which in turn results in substantial savings on electricity bills. A complementing concept of Life Cycle Cost analysis introduced by LG on the night also helps customers estimate energy savings and potential payback when utilizing the Retrofit Solution’s Inverter technology.

A global leader in innovative technology solutions, LG presented the significant advantage of flexibility offered by its retrofit solutions, whereby customers can choose a higher capacity unit that fits seamlessly into the same space as their current compressor; and they have the option to connect multiple, highly efficient indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Furthermore, LG’s cassette air conditioners were highlighted for their air purification function, ensuring that users can enjoy cleaner and healthier air.

As a company committed to creating a better future through environmentally friendly solutions, LG’s Air Solution Team expressed their gratitude to each attendee by planting one ghaf seed in their honor under the “Give A Ghaf Tree” planting program, an initiative by Goumbook, in a gesture that symbolizes a dedication to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

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