Dubai, United Arab of Emirates — Elevate your home interior and entertain your eyes with the stunning and sleek design of the LG POSE TV from LG Electronics (LG).

Add a piece of art that blends seamlessly with your home décor and provides an ultimate viewing experience that delivers a lifelike quality of pictures and colors.

A Reflection of Your Style

LG POSE goes beyond a TV to become a part of your style and your space, offering you a blend of technological innovation with a stunning design, made to keep your space clean and tidy. LG POSE TV leaves no room for mess of additional chords, accessories and cables. The Cable & Accessory Organizer keeps everything tidy, for an uninterrupted viewing experience. Wires can be easily hidden through the two detachable cable holders. LG POSE TV can transform into a luxurious frame, allowing you to display a wide range of artful pieces to choose from to complement and please your home décor. LG POSE TV is your perfect choice for a design that looks stunning and adds beauty to every angle in any space. Own a piece of art that got envisioned by Moooi at Milan Design Week 2022.

Light It Up

Immerse yourself in vivid colors and finer details with the self-lit OLED evo technology that delivers up to 20% more luminance. The brightness booster considers your eyes as well as the ambiance, lighting up your space with the desired brightness of an image. LG POSE TV offers you the ultimate viewing experience with its stunning OLED evo picture quality and color purification that reveals every tiny detail while watching your favorite movies or shows.

Turn your home into an art gallery and enjoy an elite viewing experience even if you’re not watching TV, the magnificent design of the LG POSE TV will make you fall in love with its calming beige, cozy fabric finish that is soft to the look and to the touch, harmonizing and adding a stylish charm perfect for your space.

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