Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates — With the summer right around the corner and temperatures expected to pick up, LG Electronics (LG) has announced an exclusive offer on the LG Multi V5 for villa residents in Abu Dhabi.

The LG Multi V5 is the brand’s integrated solution that provides maximum cooling and heating capacities while also delivering incredible energy efficiency to reduce running costs. It also features revolutionary Dual Sensing Control that can sense humidity and temperature to provide more economical and comfortable operation. The LG Multi V5 also comes with Black Fin coating technology that makes it more durable in harsher outdoor conditions. It is also equipped with Smart Home Integration, a cloud-based solution that allows users to monitor the AC system in real-time, enabling smart diagnoses and energy management.

While the LG Multi V5 is more commonly used in high-rise buildings, individual villa owners in Abu Dhabi can now fit the smart unit in their homes. With this offer, customers will be given the assurance of professional assistance from LG engineering and design experts with a multi-stage process.

Commenting on the new offer, Mr. Ahmed Abed, Branch Head of the LG Abu Dhabi Office, said, “Abu Dhabi has always been a key market for us at LG, and with over 20 years of experience and understanding the requirements of the local market, we are pleased to present this solution for individual homeowners. With the hot summer months upon us, we are excited to bring this solution to Abu Dhabi homes along with the expertise of design experts, professionally trained contractors and technicians from LG Academy, and a warranty from LG’s service partner HI-M Solutek to give customers peace of mind”.

Abu Dhabi individual villa owners can visit the LG Air Conditioning Showroom in Al Bateen to learn more about the offer.

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