LG MEA introduces innovative range of unique Home Appliance products to the region


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22. March 2023– LG MEA recently hosted its LG Showcase MEA 2023, which welcomed LG’s top executives, guests and partners to an exclusive platform complete with its innovations, products and solutions. The grand event provided visitors with an opportunity to experience the latest LG has to offer first-hand in an immersive setting highlighting the capabilities of each product.

Held in Habtoor City Dubai, over 400 guests were welcome to have an exclusive look at the latest technological innovations that will be making its way into the MEA region. The showcase event also featured a dedicated area to exhibit their latest products and solutions that introduce a new category of evolving home appliances that are not only functional, but also offer unique upgradability and personalization.

A key focus area during the exhibition was LG’s line-up of home appliance products, which includes refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning solutions and more. The line-ups were also joined by the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE range, which is a testament to LG’s commitment towards bridging the gap between luxury and technology in the home appliance market.

Commenting on the event, Kim Sa Nyoung, President of LG Electronics Gulf said: “The LG Showcase MEA 2023 is one of our largest events and we are proud to have a platform here where our latest innovations are displayed. Every appliance here targets a certain need from the customer. Not only do we tackle that need, but we also provide our customers with a new and unique experience with our line-up, by introducing revolutionary features to reliable home appliances. With each of these products, our customers can truly enhance their day-to-day living while giving their homes a different look altogether.”

During the event, LG unveiled its second-generation LG SIGNATURE home appliance line-up. A series of revolutionary premium products, these appliances offer timeless design and innovation that bring home convenience and style. The line-up includes the LG SIGNATURE 4-Door French-Door refrigerator with Dual InstaView™, a washer and dryer pair with 7-inch LCD touch panels, Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with smart InstaView™ as well as the double Oven Slide-in Range, automatic time and temperature-setting functionality.

The event also served as the platform to introduce the LG refrigerator with MoodUP™ to the region. LG’s MoodUP™ feature is known for its exciting and unique color options, which add a spin to any home kitchen. This time, LG has collaborated with the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute, to add a year of color, Viva Magenta, a strong crimson red. The refrigerator comes with LED color-changeable door panels, which can be easily swapped according to the kitchen theme. Owners of the 4-Door French-Door model can mix and match from 23 colors on the top and 19 colors on the bottom panels respectively with more than 190,000 possible color combinations at their disposal. This is all controlled through the intuitive LG ThinQ ® app and without the cost and hassle of having to physically replace any of its exterior elements.

LG will also take the opportunity to introduce the CordZero A9 Kompressor™ with Steam Power Mop. Displayed at CES, LG’s first stick vacuum with Steam Power Mop nozzle provides wet and steam mopping functionality, while being completely wireless. It also comes with an All-in-One tower, an automated dustbin-emptying system that acts as a space-efficient and fast-charging docking station features a replaceable dust bag, and an intuitive display that provides real-time status updates. While steam mopping, the mops heat up to 60 degrees Celsius for easy and complete cleaning, while dual sensors protect from over-heating. An advanced, automatic water supply system also keeps the mop pads wet during mopping.

Air Conditioning units are not always the most appealing home appliances, but with LG ARTCOOL Gallery Air Conditioner that can be changed. Featuring a bright 27-inch LCD screen with a simple and sophisticated frame, this new air conditioner looks more like a framed work of art rather than an advanced LG air conditioner. Not only does it deliver energy-efficient cooling and heating with LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor™ and 3-way indirect airflow, but it can be customized via the LG ThinQ ® app with a range of static and animated images or favorite family photos to give that personalized look. It provides a more hygienic performance with AI Dry™ and operates at noise levels as low as 20 decibels and closes its ‘hidden’ bottom vane in sleep mode so as not to disturb or disrupt users’ rest.

LG also takes an interesting spin on washing and drying, showcased with the LG WashTower™ Compact laundry solution. Keeping in mind space-efficiency, this home appliance combines both a washer and dryer with an all-in-one control panel and advanced AI in a single, space-efficient unit. The washer offers a generous 13 kilogram capacity and its dryer, a 10 kilogram capacity, and requires less installation space than the average stackable or side-by-side washer and dryer pair of the same laundry capacity. It also comes with a flat, unibody design that provides an optimal laundry experience and brings a subtle and minimalist aesthetic. The WashTower™  also uses advanced laundry technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™) to identify the most suitable washing pattern (drum motions, water temperature and wash cycle time) for each load, reducing fabric damage to help clothing last longer[1]. The Smart Pairing™ feature saves users time and hassle by syncing the dryer with the washer; automatically selecting the best drying cycle based on washer load settings, making it an excellent all-around performer.

LG’s range of home appliances also include air purifiers, a line-up LG has actively merged with advanced technologies. The LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan with its True HEPA and UVnano™ LED, ensures powerful 3-step Filtration System for a thorough clean of the air at home, capturing 99.97% of fine dust and allergens [2]. Meanwhile, the Deodorization filter removes odors and airborne chemicals for easier breathing and a more pleasant indoor environment[3]. It is complemented by the exclusive LG UVnano™ LED Technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria on fan blades [4]. Not only can it adapt to small or large rooms with customized airflow, but it also offers 10 fan speeds with oscillation settings, all controllable from its simple controls on top or through the remote control or LG ThinQ® app.

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