DUBAI – LG Electronics (LG) has always been known for its ambition to achieve the perfect balance of innovation and style. Understanding that a kitchen should not only be functional, but thoughtful in its design and purpose. LG’s set of kitchen appliances are a combination of upgraded features and design innovations for improved user convenience.

A Clear View Like No Other
LG represents a user-oriented philosophy and ability to deliver innovation for a better life through its InstaView Door-in-Door™ which drastically reduces loss of cold air by eliminating the need to open the door. It provides quick & easy access to your favorite drinks and snacks by simply knocking twice on the door instead of opening it to minimize cold air loss and extend food freshness by reducing internal temperature fluctuations. By knocking twice, the sleek glass panel on the front of the fridge turns transparent, helping you in deciding what item to take rather than wasting time by having the door open.

Cook with Ease with LG’s NeoChef
Enjoy an array of easy to make meals with LG’s NeoChef heating experience. This elite product carries various functions to suit your needs and cravings from grilling, frying, or even making fresh yogurt. With precise temperature controls users can ensure safe and consistent heating distribution across food. What’s more, users will be able to cook faster as LG NeoChef comes with 1200W of power that can cook on average 1.6 times faster than other appliances. Designed with health in mind, the LG NeoChef is applied to provide healthier dishes with 72% less oil and less fat. Ideal for those seeking a balance between easy to prepare meals and overall health.

LG’s Quadwash Leaves the Stress of Dirty Dishes Behind
Don’t stress yourself by overthinking about dishes, stains, and hard-to-reach areas. LG’s QuadWash™ Steam dishwasher provides the best cleaning result with its enhanced features that reach the entire surface of every dish. The easy loading and unloading of the LG QuadWash steam dishwasher will save you valuable time that can be spent with others. The LG QuadWash™ Steam dishwasher includes a function of powerful soaking and hygienic cleaning and makes kitchen clean up a breeze with intuitive controls, adjustable racks, and a large load capacity.

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