Kinder’s ‘Growing Bigger Hearts’ Campaign Takes the Power of Storytelling to New Heights


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates —As part of its ‘Growing Bigger Hearts’ campaign, which features animated stories inspired by key Ramadan values, this Holy month, Kinder – one of the largest chocolate brands in the world – organized a string of live storytelling events in the UAE and KSA. The initiative – which taps into the unique Ramadan tradition of ‘Hakawatis’ – saw expert storytellers such as renowned author Deema Al Alami and TV personality Roaa Al Sabban re-enact stories from Kinder’s ‘Growing Bigger Hearts’ campaign in an engaging, lively fashion to a captivated audience of mothers and children.

The animated stories revolve around main protagonist Qamar as she and her friends go on fun-filled adventures that evoke meaningful Ramadan values such as kindness, generosity, hospitality, forgiveness and many more. At the storytelling events – which took place across multiple locations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – attendees were handed copies of the animated books to take home and given the chance to create their own ‘Growing Bigger Hearts’ avatars on site, thus becoming the heroes of their own stories.

This new feature is available to mothers across the GCC on

“We are so proud of Kinder’s ‘Growing Bigger Hearts’ initiative – a meaningful campaign created to support mothers in teaching their children the positive values of Ramadan,” said Dima Qubaa, Head of Institutional Affairs and Corporate Communication at Ferrero Gulf. “This year, we orchestrated these reading events to harness the power of storytelling – an important tradition during the Holy month. We were thrilled to see audiences so engaged and intrigued and look forward to hosting similar events in the future.”

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