Jon Peddie Research launches JPRi Management Consulting Division


TIBURON, Calif. — Jon Peddie Research is pleased to announce the launch of JPRi (Jon Peddie Real Intelligence). The service is offered to help strategic decision-makers gain valuable perspectives on their organization’s product pipeline, marketing roadmap, acquisition/merger opportunities, and improved internal efficiency.

Initially focusing on Game Tech (hardware and software), JPRi will expand to include other JPR disciplines. Ted Pollak will handle corporate and government contracts, and Jon Peddie, President, will help start-ups, each assisting the other as needed.

Jon Peddie said, “Over the past 15 years we have watched Ted Pollak predict the viability and timing of critical technologies with amazing accuracy. We have also witnessed him create successful investment strategies with major firms emulating his creations, and investments in the game tech ETF theme he created approaching $1 billion. Simultaneously, we have watched many large organizations either fail to climb aboard viable business opportunities or jump the gun and waste significant capital on efforts that drag down profits and market valuations.

“Ted already has successful interactions with Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, and large investment firms. With his combined background in game tech investments/market analysis/consulting, and amazing logic and creativity, we believe he can provide invaluable perspective for roadmap decisions with the possibility of introducing completely new ideas that might not be obvious to senior management.”

Ted Pollak commented, “Jon Peddie has been guiding companies for most of his career. He is a great business mentor. Start-ups will benefit not only from advice on product roadmap and strategic introductions but also team building and efficiency. Jon predicted the meteoric rise of GPU compute, which powers many businesses and technologies including artificial intelligence (AI). He sounded this gong 20 years ago and upwards of $1 trillion in market capitalization has emerged in this area since his prescient call to arms.

“JPRi germinated with the advanced algorithms we developed for market analysis. We have been honing the JPR Real Intelligence Engine for over a decade. As the market will soon see, artificial intelligence can be garbage in/garbage out. It’s only as good as its architect, training, and access to quality data sets. Large corporations will benefit from JPRi’s outside perspective, which is not rooted in internal culture or legacy consulting businesses. We provide high level guidance for our clients to maximize the success of their leadership and investors.”

JPRi engages on an annual retainer basis of $250,000. Start-up companies will be evaluated on an individual basis and may be granted equity-based retainer arrangements. The active client list is limited to ensure full availability.

Game Tech includes: Artificial Intelligence, Display Systems, Input Systems, Gaming and Simulation Peripherals / Accessories, PC Gaming Hardware Components, Video Game Consoles, Handheld Gaming, Simulators, Education and Training Games, Metaverse, E-Sports, Sound Systems, Social Media, Content Creation, Personal Computing Devices, and Video Game Software of all genres.

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