Investing in 2023 – fearful or bold?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates — 2022 wasn’t a great year for the markets. The bears have been slashing away amidst the jumble of growing uncertainty, global inflation, rising geopolitical tensions and dwindling business performance.

“The next year may present once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities. Market downturns are typically followed by prosperity, and recoveries have historically been faster with each looming recession. The slingshot has been stretched throughout the entirety of this calamitous year, and it may finally release in 2023,” commented Arrif Azraei Bin Mohammed Kamal, Market Research Analyst of Golden Brokers, the investment sentiment of the early 2023 year.

Among TOP 3 investment tips ideas by Golden Brokers there are energy commodities as they may generate significant returns, such as in 2022, if the imbalance between energy demand and supply would come back, but it is necessary to watch out for high volatility.

Another area of persisting potential is the semi-conductor chips. They are more or less the most highly-demanded piece of technology of the modern era. Used in electric vehicles, smartphones and modern appliances as they guarantee more efficient and rapid operations, chips have been in shortage for several years, initially caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and the manufacturing halts it brought with it.

Heavily hindered in 2022, business of subdued chipmakers has dwindled, but demand remains sky-high and analysts predict the industry’s value could reach $1 trillion by 2030.

And least but not last, there are the “green” stocks. As the deadline for The Paris Agreement which obligates almost 200 countries to collectively aim to lower global warming looms, the world seems to be falling behind according to the 2020 score sheet. Thus, nations have put catching up with the agreement into overdrive.

The industry includes players such as innovative energy technology companies, renewable energy providers and the trendier electric vehicle makers that birthed new market juggernauts like Tesla & Nio, who were additionally aided by rising oil and gas prices worldwide.

“Green stocks could be the major winner of 2023, but this will heavily depend on consumer sentiment towards green energy. As long as it’s high, so should be your profits,” concludes Arrif Azraei Bin Mohammed Kamal.

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