International Environment Conference Dubai – A tribute to 363 Khejarli Martyrs


International Environment Conference Dubai – A tribute to 363 Khejarli Martyrs Sacrificing Their Lives For The Protection Of Green Khejari (Ghaf) Trees

The International Environment Conference 2023, held at the Bristol Hotel in Deira, Dubai, on the 4th and 5th of February, 2023, marked a significant moment for environmental conservation. The conference, which brought together more than 500 delegates from India, aimed to support and applaud the efforts of the Bishnoi Society in preserving the environment.

The event was organized to pay tribute to the brave 363 Bishnoi souls of Khejarali Martyrs, who had sacrificed their lives to protect the green Khejari Trees.

A Global Initiation to preserve Environment

Under the leadership of Devendra Budia, President of the Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha, Indian leaders gathered to show their support for the environmental cause. The event’s central theme was “Global Environmental Challenges and their Redress in the Principles of the Bishnoi Society.” There were numerous sub-themes, all aimed toward environmental preservation and conservation.

Research Scholars, Professors, Authors, and Thinkers were also invited to send in their articles and research papers for analysis.

The two-day conference was graced by prominent and distinguished figures from India, including Kuldeep Bishnoi (former member of the Lok Sabha, India, and also the recipient of the prestigious Bishnoi ratan award), Devendra Budia, President Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha, gathered to support the cause of preserving the environment and supporting the efforts of Bishnoi society from India. The conferences was chaired by renowned leaders from India including, Renuka Bishnoi (former member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly), Farooq Abdullah (member of Lok Sabha), Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi (former member of the Punjab legislative assembly), Dr. Sanjay Sinh, Dr Ameeta Sinh, Vivek Oberoi, Dr. Indra Bishnoi, Mr. Mahant Bhagwan Das, Lavanya Mathur (NRI coordinator Punjab and UAE) and Ramesh Bishnoi (convenor).

His Royal Highness Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla of The Sheikhdom of Umm Al Quwain chaired the conference and showed his support by presenting the delegation with a gift of land for planting trees. The representatives and partners from Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla group of companies were also present in the ceremony to support the Bishnoi Society including Dr. Kabir the COO of Majestic Investments, Mr. Siddique Yasir the president of Gulf Business Council Dubai, Dr. Ojas Kikani the founder and CEO of White Rhino Investments and YRhino Companies also attended the ceremony and encouraged the noble cause of Bishnoi Society.

363 Tress Planted in Sharjah

The conference was a resounding success, with the planting of 363 trees in Sharjah for an environmental cause supported by Dubai. The Bishnoi society greatly appreciated this generosity from His Royal Highness Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla, and Devendra Budia expressed his gratitude for the support.

The International Environment Conference 2023 provided a platform for Indian leaders and delegates to unite and support environmental conservation. The conference also marked an essential step in the efforts of the Bishnoi society to preserve the environment and promote sustainability.

The successful planting of 363 trees in Sharjah serves as a testament to the collective efforts of the participants in the conference to make a positive impact on the environment.

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