Innovation in Business Summit 2022 to create global business opportunities for Innovators


Web 3 innovators, blockchain experts, immersive experience through VR as well as metaverse creators are joining hands to explore multiple investments opportunities on October 3rd and 4th in season 2 of Innovation in Business Summit. This year companies from sectors of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, metaverse and NFTs marketplace are participating, not to mention the representatives from innovation hubs in the UAE to introduce and explore new solutions in emerging and smart technology. The summit, organized by none other than the trend setting business leader, Nousheen Mukhtar, will explore topics related but not limited to the future of banking in business, disrupting technologies in innovation, alternative investments and even startup funding. The summit is launched at an opportune time for the UAE has launched as a hub of innovation and emerging technologies in blockchain and web 3. The emphasis on building a better and stronger future has made it imperative for businesses to understand how future advancements in technology will affect business practices and investment preferences. The summit offers a breakthrough to various businesses to advance and progress via cutting-edge solutions in the digital economy.

Here is a rundown of top innovators participating in Innovation in Business Summit 2022 to be held in 2 Seasons Hotel, SZR.

Ola Care

Ola Care offers safe and better surveillance and care to minors and aging people. It is a comprehensive smart system that uses artificial intelligence to keep seniors or minors safe, well and secure while the loved ones stay connected and aware. Ola cameras and smart system ensures the subjects at home or in offices are safe.

Belobaba Asset Management Firm

Belobaba are the first crypto investment fund with a regulated security token. Investors may Invest in an innovative financial product and trade disruptive technologies. It is also a blockchain academy with unlimited educational options.

Blockrhino Wealth Management Platform

Blockrhino is a private wealth management platform offering crypto exchange, virtual wallet and trading opportunities. It supports simple and secure system to manage wealth through safe and compliant transactions, investments and trade. “Blockrhino integrates commodities, derivates trading, automated forex trading and AI based trading strategies of different crypto assets, and has fully compliant fiat on- and off-ramps for the cryptocurrency exchange”.

Meta Dapio

Metaverse brands and users can pay in the easiest way by using Meta Dapio. It is a metaverse payment gateway with no transaction cost, enhanced and transparent transaction facility for purchases made in the metaverse. Users may pay for anything in any currency using Meta Dapio. It dissolves the need for banking, crypto exchanges and even blockchain wallets. Payments made super easy in metaverse!


Cifris helps in selling physical items in the virtual world – an NFT marketplace. Cifris token and the items created here are protected from counterfeit due to blockchain technology. The platform also generates NFT certificate.

Repfi Fitness

Your fitness programs, trainers and health coaches are all in one unique place – Repfi, your fitness in blockchain technology. It is an innovative modern platform with health and fitness perks for everyone at any time, in any age.


OrangeInk is a blockchain technology company with its own coins and exchange. It also has an NFT marketplace.

VR Academi

A unique educational platform equipped with modern technology, VR Academi, offers immersive learning experience to young learners. Learners sharpen their skills to design their own art, films and games at this platform and prepare to meet the future.

Ravan Drinking Water

Purified bottled drinking water is hydration partner at the event. They ensure healthy drinking water is at every doorstep.

Innovation in Business Summit 2022 is an anchor towards supporting innovative businesses.

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